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Our range of podium steps and platforms include approved and certified BS8620 podiums and podium step ladders, perfect for all types of low level work. The BS8620 certification is the most recent safety standard. From a range of manufacturers including Stepfold, Lytepod and Boss Pods, each one is certified to BS 8620 for additional safety and piece of mind. Work podiums have an enclosed guardrail to keep the user on the platform securely when working at height, with additional safety options such as self closing gates for safe podium access. If you're looking for an enclosed platform whilst being able to reach a little higher, our range of podium step ladders might be what you're looking for.

Need more information before considering a podium step? We have a comprehensive guide to help, you can also find out more information regarding the need for training in this article. You may also be aware of the changes in standards of podium steps, if you're unsure what this means for safe working at height you can read about the differences between PAS 250 and BS8620 in our blog; The importance of BS8620 podium steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Podium Used For, When Should I Use It?

A podium is a low-level step with an enclosed platform which is used for working at height for longer durations. Ladders are only suitable for short duration tasks of no longer than 30minutes, which means if the task in hand is going to take longer than this, a more fixed and enclosed means of access is recommended. Still unsure what products are suitable for the job we've put together a guide with the difference between podiums and podium step ladders.

Do I Need Training To Use A Podium Step?

Training is not strictly required in order to use a podium step however as with all working at height equipment it is advisable. PASMA are the training body for the safe use of towers and podium steps. For more information on PASMA training and podium steps check out our blog post on Podium steps.

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