Steel Loft Ladders

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Why buy a steel loft ladder? If you desire the most premium outstanding quality on the market in terms of the material then steel is your answer. Although it is a much denser option than aluminium or timber loft ladders, steel is extremely robust and strong, therefore can withstand a heavy load without any warping or deformation. These are just some of the reasons for steel ladders being at the top of the market and it's also why they are slightly more on the higher end of the price bracket. Dolle, Dimes and Fakro are the suppliers that provide our steel ladders.

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Steel loft ladders are typically not as popular as aluminium when Manufacturing loft ladders. There are two main reasons for this, firstly aluminium can be shaped easier than steel and comes at a cheaper price point, and it’s also much lighter. Although steel is heavier than aluminium it is also the strongest form of loft ladder available. In comparison to other materials steel is the strongest and is least likely to become damaged due to wear and tear.

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