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Extension ladders are an essential ladder for all types of working at height jobs. Able to reach heights of up to 12 metres and available in aluminium and fibreglass our range of extension ladders are perfect for DIY, Trade and Industrial Use. If you are using an extension ladder for painting or cleaning the gutters we always recommend you take a look at our additional accessories and ladder stand off guide.

Extension ladders come in double and triple sections and are compact when not in use making them ideal for storage. Not sure where to start or how to stay safe when using an extension ladder? Check out our extension ladder safety advice or get in touch with our team. If you're looking for an extension ladder for multiple uses a combination ladder could be a better fit, they can be used in an extension ladder mode whilst also having step ladder and stair ladder adjustments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Angle Should My Extension Ladder Be At?

When using an extension ladder it should be angled at 75 degrees against the wall, the easiest way to remember this is the 1 in 4 rule. This means that the base of the ladder should be positioned so that it is 1 metre away from the building for every four metres of ladder height when the ladder has been extended. This rule should be considered when purchasing the correct height for your extension ladder.

What Is The Average House/Gutter Height?

The average height to guttering on a single-story house is 3.3m and 5.1m to the roofline. The average of a two-story house gutter height Is 5.7m and 7.6m to the roof. Getting the right height of the ladder is important in these situations. As an example, reaching a roof height of 5.1m would require a ladder of at least 8.5m and reaching a height of 7.6m extension ladder of 10.9m would be required. For more information take a look at the working height specifications on each product and if still unsure contact our team.

Is It Ok To Lean A Ladder On A Gutter?

It is not safe to lean your ladder on a gutter, the weight of the ladder can damage the guttering and compromise your safety. If you need to work around or near guttering it is a wise choice to use a standoff which allows you to position your ladder off the wall, perfect for working around guttering. A ladder stand off also gives the ladder a wider base and therefore increases stability of your extension ladder.

Can I Separate An Extension Ladder?

Both double and triple extension ladders under old specifications allowed the user to split them and use them individually as single sections, however with the new EN131 Professional standards this is no longer the case. The majority of all extension ladders now come with extra strong catches for added security however this now means you cannot separate each section. Another reason you are unable to separate extension ladders certified to EN131 professional is that all ladders over 3m require a stabiliser bar.

How Do I Make My Extension Ladder Safer?

Working on extension ladders can be dangerous if you don’t use them correctly. When using an extension ladder you should firstly pre-check the condition of the ladder and ensure it is safe to use. You then should set the correct ladder angle using the one in four rule, secure the feet and provide a level base and if possible tie off the ladder for added security. There is also a range of accessories available that help improve your extension ladders safety such as standoffs and anti-slip mats. When working with extending ladders a stabiliser bar should be present already, however a stand off is a perfect addition to assist with safety when working at height.

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