Domestic Extension Ladders

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Our range of DIY ladders are certified to EN131:Non-Professional and are built with the domestic user in mind. Consumers often purchase ladders conforming to EN131:Professional too as it gives them piece of mind when working at height that the ladder has been thoroughly tested.

Every ladder user, if they are in trades or working from home should follow recommended safety advice and should be competent to work at height. Here's some helpful tips to stay safe when using extension ladders around the home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does A Diy Ladder Need To Be Certified?

When using a ladder for DIY use, we would still recommend that it is certified to EN131 Non-Professional at the very minimum. It is perfectly fine to use a EN131 Professional ladder for DIY work too. It’s better to be safe than risk using a ladder not tested. The most common injuries sustained from DIY are falls. Using the correct and certified equipment can minimise this risk.

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