Everything You Need To Know About Fixed Vertical Ladders

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What Is A Vertical Ladder And What Is It Used For?  

Fixed ladders, vertical ladders, cat ladders, whatever you call them, they are a perfect solution to tricky access solutions. As the names suggest, a fixed vertical ladder is a vertical structure that is fixed in place via brackets, they are typically seen on the side of buildings and access roofs where regular access or maintenance is required. Vertical ladders on occasion are also often used to access machinery or mezzanines. 

Which Material Is Best For Vertical Ladders? 

Our range of fixed vertical ladders are made from Aluminium, Steel & GRP. Our most popular ranges are aluminium and steel vertical ladders, they both offer durability and strength and can also be galvanised for additional protection. Steel is a heavier material than aluminium and therefore offers extra resilience, however both materials are a good choice. Steel ladders are available in a number of configurations from Krause.

GRP / fibreglass vertical ladders are also available which are recommended not only around electricity but are also a better choice when working around corrosive and hazardous materials or chemicals. Our GRP vertical ladder options can be found here.

The Different Types Of Vertical Ladder 

When it comes to configuring your vertical ladder there are a number of options available and which configuration you select is solely dependent on the use of the ladder. We’ve broken down the options below; 

Ladder Only – The ladder only options are as they sound. It comes with the ladder only. The ladder only options should only be considered if the overall height is below 3m as over this height a safety cage is recommended. If a safety cage cannot be fitted due to space or otherwise a full risk assessment should be completed with fall protection considered. 

Ladder with Walkthrough – The ladder with walkthrough is the ladder with a walkthrough option at the top, it also consists of an exit step on some ranges such as the Hymer vertical ladders A walkthrough is an ideal choice when stepping off the top of the ladder onto a platform, such as a roof. 

Roof Hatch Ladder – As the name suggests a vertical ladder with roof hatch is a solution for giving access to roof hatches, there is no walkthrough of exit platform on these ladders are they would get in the way. Roof hatch ladders come with a cage for added security of falling backwards. 

Roof Access Ladder – A vertical ladder with roof access gives the user a safe method of access to roofs. This product comes with a safety cage for additional safety and gives the user a safe way of exiting and entering the vertical ladder. 

Roof Parapet Ladder – A vertical ladder with parapet such as the Zarges Aluminium fixed ladder comes with an exit platform, guardrails and an exit step to assist users safely walk from the top of the vertical ladder onto a roof.  

Kit Vertical Ladders Vs Made To Measure Vertical Ladders 

Once you have selected which vertical ladder you need the next choice is to select either kit form or made to measure vertical ladders. The only difference between these two options is that kit ladders are delivered at a set size and require to be cut down on site. Made to order vertical ladders are cut down to your exact size before delivery for quick and easy installation.  

The benefits and advantages of these two options are kit ladders can be delivered next day and are therefore perfect for lower timescales, however you need to cut them to size. Made to order ladders take a little longer to deliver but are ready to install once delivered. 

When Do I Need A Safety Cage & Resting Platform? 

When working with vertical ladders safety should be a key consideration. When reaching heights of 3m a vertical ladder with a safety cage should be selected. If there is not enough room for the hoops a risk assessment should be completed to consider other means of fall protection. 

There is no maximum size a ladder can be before a resting platform is fixed however the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) recommends a resting platform should be added at 9m.  

Installation Service 

If your vertical ladder installation is a little more tricky than standard or if you don’t have the relevant experience or tools to install a vertical solution yourself, we can help. We have nationwide coverage to offer vertical ladder installations to our customers. For more information get in touch with our team using our installation form.

Further Information 

Vertical ladders can be a confusing product to purchase, specifically online. If you’d like to speak to an expert regarding the specifications and classifications of vertical ladders get in touch with our expert team via our contact form or by calling us on 01204 590 232.