EN131 Professional Combination Ladders

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As combination ladders are classed as portable ladders they are also affected by the new classification changes. Most combination ladders were not certified to class one however many multi-purpose ladders now hold the EN131 Professional standard. Similar to other portable ladders, combination ladders over 3m will require a stabiliser bar and tests have been stepped up. Combination ladders are still an ideal solution when you need to access a range of spaces.

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EN131 is the European standard for portable steps and ladders and ensures that ladders manufactured and tested to this classification are safe for use. If buying a combination ladder for use at work they should always be certified to EN131 Professional, this allows you as an employee or an employer to confidently know the ladder is fit for purpose. As a consumer EN131 Professional may seem a little overkill for the tasks you are using it for, but as they say, better safe than sorry. The certification for consumers is EN131 Non-professional, however at current there aren’t a lot of options on the market, so you’re better opting for a lightweight EN131 Professional combination ladder when using it around the home.

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