Narrow Warehouse Steps

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This range of narrow warehouse steps are an ideal solution when space is limited. As the name suggests narrow aisle warehouse steps are designed to have a smaller footprint to get in the tightest of spaces. Please note that narrow aisle warehouse steps should only be used in narrow aisles and are not suitable for wide spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Purpose Of A Narrow Aisle Step?

The purpose of a narrow aisle warehouse step is exactly what it sounds like; it’s a warehouse step that it is suitable for narrow spaces and aisles. When choosing a warehouse step some people don’t often consider the space they have on the floor where the steps sit. If you’ve measured the footprint and still can’t get a narrow aisle warehouse step to fit a warehouse ladder may be a suitable alternative.

How Does A Narrow Aisle Step Differ From Other Steps?

Narrow aisle warehouse steps have a much smaller footprint than other warehouse steps whilst still offering ultimate stability. One common misconception when it comes to narrow aisle warehouse steps is that they can be used in any size aisle, this is not correct. When using a narrow aisle step, they are only designed to be used in aisles no wider than 650mm or 700mm for larger tread sizes.

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