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Why buy a timber loft ladder? Ladderstore is host to a range of robust timber loft ladders that all come complete with a loft hatch. Our selection of wooden ladders is renowned for their non-slip treads which provide the customer with the confidence, security and reassurance they need when accessing their loft. They are aesthetically pleasing in any setting, and we make sure to offer a wide range so that you can find the exact one that fits you. We offer our loft ladders from recognised brands such as Werner, Youngman, Lyte, Fakro TB Davies & Midmade. Not sure whether to buy Aluminium or Timber Loft Ladder read our article explaining the pros and cons of each.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Wooden Loft Ladders Heavy?

Yes, wooden loft ladders are heavy and are much heavier than their aluminium counterpart. Wood is always going to be a much heavier material than aluminium however it also comes with the benefit of being more robust and feeling more secure when climbing. The weight of each ladder can be found on our website allowing you to compare this to alternative aluminium loft ladders. If you like the look of a timber loft ladder but are worried about the weight, an electric loft ladder could be the ideal solution.

Are Wooden Loft Ladders Safe?

Yes, wooden ladders are designed to be safe and are manufactured to hold weight loads of 150kg. Wood also is a sturdy and robust material that gives extra safety and durability, offering comfort when climbing and descending the ladder.

Why Choose A Wooden Loft Ladder?

Wooden loft ladders are considered strong, sturdy and an aesthetically pleasing choice for a loft ladder, wooden loft ladders also feature a high weight capacity and can blend seamlessly into your home. Wooden loft ladders are the most popular choice among customers due to their design and durability. Other benefits of wooden loft ladders are their wide treads and reliability, but also can be a little heavy to operate for some users.

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