Fibreglass Combination Ladders

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Fibreglass combination ladders are the only safe solution when working around electricity due to the non-conductive properties of GRP Fibreglass. Perfect for use within electrical based industries, fibreglass multi-purpose ladders are ideal for telecoms engineers and railway maintenance teams. Fibreglass combination ladders can be easily transformed into a number of different configurations giving you ultimate flexibility when working at height. Alongside their non-conductive benefits, GRP Combination ladders are extremely resistant to weathering as it does not absorb moisture or corrode in the sun making them the ideal choice for working outside. The most popular fibreglass combination ladders in our range include the Fibreglass Skymaster and the Little Giant King Kombo

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The main benefit of a fibreglass combination ladder is the non-conductivity of the material they are made from. GRP combination ladders offer the same versatility as standard combination ladders but should be chosen when working in harsh corrosive environments or around electricity. Fibreglass is significantly heavier than aluminium which is something to consider. Fibreglass combination ladders are aimed at telecoms engineers, electricians and railway maintenance teams.

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