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Surveyors ladders are sectional ladders that as the name suggests are typically used by surveyors who need to transport ladders for their inspections. For this reason surveyors ladders need to be lightweight and compact enough to fit into a car or small van. Our range of surveyors ladders come in sections for easy transportation and reach heights upto 6m. All ranges of our surveyors ladders are also manufactured in Britain by Chase and LFI Ladders. If you require a ladder with a height of 4.1m or below, our range of telescopic ladders may be better suited, they offer lower heights however are more compact and have a wider range available.

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A surveyors ladder is a sectional ladder that can be easily transported and fit into the majority of car boots for easy transportation. Typically used by surveyors, hence the name this type of ladder are ideal for a number of uses for inspecting a property. If you are looking for a compact ladder for a range of jobs a surveyors ladder may be the ideal choice, alternatively a telescopic ladder could offer the same functionality.

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