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If you've just purchased a brand new loft ladder and it didn't come with a fitted loft hatch door, or maybe you would just like to replace your old, wooden loft hatch door with something a bit smarter and better insulated, then a Drop Down Insulated Loft Hatch is probably the answer. We offer two possible materials including high impact polystyrene and steel.

Do you need a loft hatch that fits your exact specifications and requirements? Our made to measure bespoke loft hatch can be manufactured to accommodate for your needs. Take a look at our guide; choosing loft ladders to ensure you make the right choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Loft Hatches The Same Size And How Do I Measure It?

Loft hatches are available in several sizes and this is because different loft ladders have their own specifications which mean when purchasing a loft hatch it isn't one size fits all. If you are looking for a replacement hatch there are some more popular sizes on our website including 600 x 600 mm, however, if this isn’t what you’re looking for a made to measure hatch may be the only viable option.

Is It A Legal Requirement To Have A Loft Hatch?

It isn't considered a legal requirement to have a loft hatch, however, it is a legal requirement to have some form of roof access to any loft space in your home, therefore loft hatches are an extremely popular and most straightforward way to achieve this.

Do I Need A Fire-Rated Hatch?

Fire rating offers extra protection in case of a fire, the hatch will be fire-resistant for up to 2 hours on some hatches potentially minimising damage and the fire from spreading. To adhere to building regulations a loft hatch must be fire rated for at least 30 minutes in all houses with three or more storeys and all blocks of flats.

Looking for a loft ladder with a hatch? There are some fire rated options available.

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