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Here at Ladderstore, we put safety first. If you are looking to purchase a telescopic ladder we would always advise that you select a product that conforms to EN131 Part 6. EN131 Part 6 is a new regulation which enhances the safety of telescopic ladders. On this page, you will find a variety of easily retractable ladders that are simple to use, compact and most importantly safe. To minimize the risk of injury and to conform to new standards telescopic ladders that are over 3m should be equipped with a stabiliser bar.

For more information on telescopic ladders and the new standards please visit our blog page: New Telescopic Ladder Regulations

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is En131-6 And Why Is It Important?

EN131 Part 6 is the certification that applies to telescopic ladders which ensure they are safe to be used and have passed strict strength, design and durability testing. For a telescopic ladder to pass the EN131-6 standard they must; have rungs 50% larger than standard telescopic ladders, protect hands from injury with soft closing mechanisms, each rung must have a visual lock and release indicator, the feet much be over moulded with tough synthetic rubber and they also require a stabiliser bar over 3m.

Do All En131 Telescopic Ladders Have A Stabiliser Bar?

All ladders that are certified to EN131 will have a stabiliser bar attached if the ladder is over 3m in length and telescopic ladders are no exception to this rule. Any ladders over 3m that does not have a stabiliser bar have not been tested to the latest safety standards.

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