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On their own, warehouse steps are a significantly useful piece of equipment. However, in order to take that convenience and utility one step further we offer a range of accessories and extensions available in steel and aluminium, supplied by Klime ezee and Redhill. We provide products that make it easier for users of warehouse steps to carry out the task at hand, whether it be general maintenance or shelf stacking etc. For instance Redhill offer a hook-on tray unit and a hook-on wire basket so that tools and equipment can be stored and secured whilst working at height. Klime ezee offer gates (providing safe access to authorised persons when present in warehousing environments), a long with chains and tread extensions which provide more safety for the warehouse step user.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Extensions Are Available For My Warehouse Step?

Extensions on warehouse steps is essentially requesting a larger platform, these are available on all Klime-ezee Warehouse Steps. If you ask for a one tread or two tread extension you will get one or two treads added onto the length of the platform. You can a three-tread extension too, however this is as a bespoke request, so if this is needed, please contact our team. Tread extensions are compatible with Industrial Mobile Steps (KE Range); Knock Down Steps (KK Range); Extra Wide Steps (KW Range) and Narrow Aisle Steps (KN Range)

What Accessories Are Available For My Warehouse Step?

There are many different accessories that are available for the warehouse steps including mesh baskets, hook on trays, walk throughs with gate (walk through back with gate, walkthrough side with gate), no access gates and chained exits (side and back). The accessories for warehouse steps make them more convenient to operate and to be more suited to your requirements.

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