Mezzanine Access Solutions

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We provide a range of mezzanine access solutions that are applicable for use in both the home and for office/industrial use. A mezzanine is an additional storey/space between the floor and ceiling of a room. There are multiple ways said space can be accessed found in this category and as discussed in our blog post that you can read here. Products such as our Rolling Ladder, a strong recommendation for domestic use, can be manufactured specifically to your required measurements. Similarly our Bespoke Vertical Access Ladder, an access solution that would work well for a mezzanine in an industrial environment, can be ‘custom made’ to meet your needs. If this was your selected access solution we would need to be provided with the measurements and informed that the intended use is to access a mezzanine so that the top step can be at the right height. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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