Triple Section Extension Ladders

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A triple extension ladder is suitable for carrying out tasks at significant heights and provides a safe and flexible access solution for use in trade and industrial applications. Triple ladders are made up of three smaller sections that are securely connected together allowing users to reach upto 11m. Our range of triple section extension ladders are all certified to EN131 Professional or Non-Professional for our domestic users to ensure the security of it's users have been tested to the relevant standards, this means every triple ladder over three meters in height will be fitted with a stabiliser bar. One benefit of triple section extension ladders is the smaller closed sections making transportation and storage easier, however larger sizes can be heavy making them a little more tricky to operate. For larger sizes rope operated extension ladders may be an ideal solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Triple-Section Extension Ladders Safe?

Yes, triple-section loft ladders are considered safe and are still the recommended product for working at height for shorter durations. You should always check that the triple section extension ladder you are using is certified to EN131 professional or EN131 Non-professional dependent on use and follow the manufacturer's instructions. To ensure your triple extension ladder is safe it should be checked for damage before each use and regular and thorough ladder inspections should be carried out using a system such as the Ladder Log Inspection Tags.

How High Do Triple Extension Ladders Go?

Triple extension ladders come in a variety of sizes and range between just under 4m and extend up to approximately 10.5m. Once heights start to reach over 10m you should consider if an extension ladder is the safest piece of equipment for the job considering the height and duration. A risk assessment should always be completed before each job. If the task in hand is low risk and a short duration, an extension ladder is still the best equipment for the job.

What Are The Benefits Of A Triple Extension Ladder?

A triple-section extension ladder gives you all the benefits of a traditional extension ladder while also offering you added height on a number of models, however, this isn’t always the case. The biggest benefit of a triple-section extension ladder is the closed length being smaller, making it easier for transport and storage than a double section extension ladder. A triple extension ladder over 3m also has a stabiliser bar for additional security under the new standards.

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