Stair Ladders

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Working on stairwells is sometimes necessary for both general decorating and maintenance tasks and it's sometimes difficult to access these areas safely. Using combination ladders on stairs can be a daunting task but with the right stair ladder, working on stairs isn't only safer but allows you to reach ceilings and stairwells with minimal ease. Each of our stair ladders in this range can easily be transformed from a step and extension ladder and can be used in a safe way on stairs. Combination ladders that are suitable on stairs are also a popular choice for decorating as painting on stairs with a combination ladder is a little easier. This ladder type can also be used in a number of ways too making it versatile.

Browse our range of both folded combination ladders which make them ideal for simple storage solutions as well as larger extendable ladders such as the Werner X4, which allow those customers to work at a higher height. For more information about how to choose the most suitable ladder, read our guide to buying the right ladder.

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