Fibreglass (GRP) Towers

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If you are working in Zone 1 areas or around electricity a fibreglass GRP scaffold tower is a must. Our whole range of fibreglass towers are compliant to EN1004 and have non-conductive and non-oxidising properties.

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Why should I choose a GRP Tower?

GRP towers are suitable for use in areas prone to electrical hazards or chemical agents. The non-conductive and non-reactive glass fibre structure forms a strong, scaffold tower that provides safe electrical power insulation. If you not working around electricity or in harsh Zone 1 environments an aluminium tower will be suitable and lighter weight.


A Zone 1 location is one where an explosive environment is likely to occur on a regular basis. In these environments a GRP tower would be the suitable piece of equipment to choose due to its non-conductive, corrosive and sparking qualities. Examples of some Zone 1 environments include railways, aviation, chemical plants and all electrical applications.

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