Adjustable Podium Steps

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Height adjustable podium steps are a versatile podium that allow users to operate them at a number of different heights which makes them ideal for a number of low level jobs. With multiple platform heights they minimise the need to purchase multiple bulky podium steps whilst still conforming to the latest BS8620 safety standards for podium steps. Height adjustable podiums typically allow adjustments of around 0.2m for incremental platform height changes. Have questions about our podium step range? Find out more general information on podium steps and read about the importance of BS8620, the current standard for podium steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Adjust My Podium Step?

Podium steps that can be adjusted are operated in two ways. Some adjustable podium steps are amended by removing the platform from one position and attaching it to the frame either above or below where the platform was. Other podium steps adjust by changing the length of the legs to reduce or increase the platform height. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions on the specific model you are using.

Can All Podium Steps Be Adjusted?

The majority of podium steps cannot be adjusted, and they only have one platform height. This type of podium step is ideal for jobs at one level or as a means of access to one level. Adjustable podium steps will state the different platform heights that are available in their different configurations on their product page.

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