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Telescopic ladders are a safe, practical and ideal solution to working at height when storage space is a factor. Telescopic ladders are used in a number of environments and can be used be both consumers and trades due to their versitility. The closed dimensions of telescopic ladders also make them a perfect choice for surveyors and maintenance teams as they will also fit into confined spaces such as the boot of a car. At Ladderstore, we work closely with a large number of manufacturers across the globe to bring the very best range of telescopic ladders to our customers. Telescopic ladders are a fantastic alternative to extension and step ladders. All our telescopic ladders are certified to EN131 standards and extend up to 4.4 metres. Our range includes ladders from Zarges, Youngman, Telesteps and Werner

We've heard reports of many telescopic ladders being imported into the UK without the correct certifications, creating safety concerns. All our telescopic ladders are certified to current ladder standards and if you have any queries, take a look at our simple Telescopic Ladder Buyers Guide. When purchasing Telescopic ladders you should look to purchase to EN131-6 for piece of mind.

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Telescopic ladders are considered safe if they are certified to EN131-6. The EN131-6 certification proves that the ladder has been through the toughest of strength and durability tests and are fit for purpose. If you are looking to purchase a telescopic ladder ensure they are certified to the correct standards, for example, any telescopic ladder over 3m should have a stabiliser bar. There have been reports recently of unsafe telescopic ladders flooding the market so do a little extra research before purchasing, all our telescopic ladders are certified to the latest standards.


No telescopic ladders offer great versatility and don’t need to be fully extended; they can lock into place at multiple different heights. When a telescopic ladder is not fully extended you should double-check that the non-extended rungs are situated at the top of the ladder.


Telescopic ladders are available in a number of heights from 2.8 m upwards. Once telescopic ladders reach 3m they should come with a stabiliser bar if they are certified to EN131-6, which Is the recommended standard for telescopic ladders to adhere to. The tallest telescopic ladder that we have available boasts a height of 4.4m. If you find a telescopic ladder on the market taller than this be sure to check the certification.

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