Double Section Extension Ladders

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A two-section extension ladder offers multiple benefits that, in many cases, make it a more favourable access solution than alternative ladder types. For instance, unlike a step ladder or single section roof ladder, the double extension ladder is able to be closed and/or retracted. This not only gives it a shorter length, therefore making it easier to store, perhaps in or on top of a van, but it also makes it easier to carry and transport as demonstrated by the Hymer Double Section Extension Ladders. The double extension ladder is a versatile piece of equipment for use in a range of jobs and trades, the ability to access a variety of heights means they’re useful for guttering, roof maintenance, painting and a long list of other tasks.

The safety of our customers is something we have the uttermost concern about, for this reason, all of our double extension ladders are BS EN131-Professional or Non-Professional kitemarked.

If you have any questions regarding double extension ladders please do not hesitate to contact and If it's getting to your gutters or soffits that's the problem, take a look at our How to Clear Your Gutters Safety guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is A Double Extension Ladder?

The vast majority of ranges of double section extension ladders start at heights of around 2.5m with the larger sizes in the range reaching just under 10m. This isn’t much different to the heights you can achieve with a triple-section ladder, the main benefit of a double-section in this respect is there are only two sections to work with and can therefore be easier to use.

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