Loft Ladders With Handrails

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Our selection of loft ladders with handrails are designed to help you climb in and out your loft with ease without excessively minimising hatch space. The range includes ladders from Fakro, Dolle, Ramsay Ladders, TB Davies, Werner UK Sales & Distribution Limited and Youngman.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get A Loft Ladder With Double Handrails?

Loft ladders that come with handrails will usually only come with one handrail in the package, the reason for this is to not minimise the space when climbing into the loft and it also will not obstruct you from taking wide items into the loft when putting them in storage. A handrail can be added on either the right or left side. Some loft ladders such as the Youngman Eco and Spacemaker come with a handrail as standard and an extra handrail can be purchased should you wish to add a second handrail but be wary of the limitations this may cause.

Why Should I Purchase A Loft Ladder With A Handrail?

Purchasing a loft ladder with a handrail is a personal choice, many ladders also come as standard with one handrail for extra support. These are usually located at the top of the ladder to help ascent and descent, some users also like handrails on their ladders as they can often be easier to hold onto over the side (stiles) of the ladder.

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