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Why buy an aluminium loft ladder? Aluminium is an extremely lightweight material that also displays qualities of strength and sturdiness. Our range of high-quality and lightweight aluminium loft ladders is corrosion-resistant as well as being easy to use. Our range of aluminium ladders is ideal for the customer that wants a loft ladder that's subtle and sleek and offers easy manoeuvrability when it is being pulled down for use or stored back in the loft. We offer our aluminium ladders from brands such as Werner, Youngman, Telesteps, T&I, Midmade & Dimes.

Not sure whether to buy an Aluminium or Timber Loft Ladder? Read our article explaining the pros and cons of each. Or alternatively, browse our range of Timber and Steel Loft Ladders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is An Aluminium Loft Ladder Better Than Wood?

Aluminium has its own set of positives, in comparison to wood, aluminium is a lightweight durable and corrosive free material, it usually boasts a cheaper price point and makes an excellent choice for loft ladders. Wooden loft ladders are known to be quieter and more robust than aluminium loft ladders and usually come with a hatch attached, there is no concrete answer on which loft ladder material is better and it depends on the size of your space, frequency of use and who is using the ladder, for example, aluminium loft ladders are lightweight which is a great asset to have for the elderly.

What Are The Different Types Of Aluminium Loft Ladders?

The versatility of aluminium allows manufacturers to bring to the market a number of aluminium loft ladders in assorted styles. The several types of aluminium loft ladders include telescopic, concertina, sliding as well as two and three section folding aluminium loft ladders.

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