Everything You Need To Know About Podium Steps

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More and more of our customers are opting for Podium steps for low-level work at height. We have recently been asked a couple of questions around podium steps due to the standard changing from Pas 250 to BS 8260. With this in mind, we have created a handy FAQ Guide on Podium steps to help our customers. 

What is a podium steps?

Podium steps are a safe way to access and work at low-level heights. These are a safer alternative to ladders as they are not only more stable but also provide guard rails for the user to ensure they are enclosed and secure on the platform. Most Podiums are foldable and can fit through standard doorways. Easy to assemble and ready to use in minutes.

How often should a podium step be inspected

All equipment should also be maintained to a high level to ensure safety and podium steps are no different from this rule. Podium steps like mobile towers should be inspected before and after each use to make sure the kit is correct and there is no damage that will compromise the user’s safety. PASMA Tags are a great tool for keeping track of inspections and can help identify on-site which podiums are safe or unsafe to use.

Why should you use a podium step

Podiums provide a safe working platform for the user with easy access to and from the unit. Working from a ladder or steps require 3 points of contact which can be restrictive for the user to complete a task safely. Many Podiums provide the user with a number of Platform Heights which makes it much more achievable to complete the task at the correct working height whilst working in a safe manner that might include Painting, Decorating, Plastering, Cabling, Pipework, Ventilation, Sprinklers, Alarm installations among many other trades.

The different type of podium steps

There are various types of Podiums Steps, some have single platform heights and others have adjustable platform heights. Theses range from as low as 250mm up to 2000mm. Podiums can be used both internal and external and there are even podiums designed for use on stairs. 

Are podiums safe?

As with ladders, Podiums also come under a standard, this standard ensures that the units are well built and will stand the test of time being safe for the user. In short, podiums are a very safe solution for low-level work at height, as long as you are purchasing a podium built to the correct standards.

What Are The Classifications For Podiums? 

The standard for podiums was PAS 250 however this standard has now been changed to BS 8620. The main differences between PAS 250 and BS 8620 are dimensional changes to side protection and harsher testing. If you are currently using a PAS 250 Podium you do not have to change it immediately but recommend purchasing to the new standard when buying new products.  

When purchasing the new standard it can still be very confusing. There are some podium steps that “conform to BS 8620” and podiums that are BS 8620. The difference is podiums that conform to BS 8620 are built to that standard and not tested however BS 8620 are tested to the requirements. 

For tested products manufacturers or retailers will be able to provide a test certificate to prove it has passed the required tests. If you are looking for a BS8620 Certified podium step take a look at the Stepfold Range From Eurotowers.


Podium Castors & Stabilisers

Podiums are generally supplied with 2 x castors for moving around the site and with 2 x Anti Surf feet which prevent the user from surfing the podium and ultimately preventing misuse and a fall from height. Most podiums have stabilisers, which must be used and not disregarded. Podiums will have been tested to the standard with Stabilisers to prevent the unit from toppling over. All podiums should have an Instruction Guide for safe assembly and dismantle.

Further Information

If your questions have still gone unanswered after reading this article please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. You can contact us via our contact form or giving our team a call on 01204 590 232.