The Importance of BS 8620 Certification for Podium Steps

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What is BS8620?  

BS 8620 is a British Standard for the design and construction of podium steps. It sets out requirements for the structural integrity, stability, and safety of podium steps and provides guidance on dimensions and components. BS8620 applies to podium steps only, a podium step is a low level work platform that has one working platform, side protection and a maximum height of 2.5m. 

What is covered by BS8620? 

Within the specification for BS8620 there are strict requirements on materials, design, marking and the instruction manual of the product. These requirements are discussed in a little more detail below.  

Materials – There are not any specific materials outlined in the specification, but it is common for podium steps to be made in aluminum, steel or fiberglass. The materials used for the components should be fit for purpose and protected from corrosion, with the exception to metal fastenings.  

Design – Any BS8620 Podium step must adhere to strict design requirements including toe boards and stabilisers to ensure user security. The guardrail spacing must be considered too which ensures a user cannot fall through gaps whilst the podium is in use. The platform of the podium should have only one working platform height to a maximum height of 2.5m.  

Marking - The label of the products also has specifications that need to be adhered to under BS8620. As a basic explanation they need to be legible, durable, and permanently fixed. The label should feature the supplier, the date of manufacture and the working load.  

Instruction Manual – It is also a requirement for the product to have an instruction manual, this should contain information on the markings and a list of the components of the item purchased.  

A more in-depth guide of the specifications of BS8620 can be found in the full specification from BSI.  

Why is B82620 Important?  

BS 8620 is important because it outlines specific safety requirements that manufacturers must adhere to when designing and constructing podium steps. Due to the strict requirements of BS8620, we can minimise the risk of accident or injuries caused by poorly designed or faulty podium steps. BS8620 is the benchmark for quality and safety when it comes to podium steps, if you are in the market for a podium and it does not conform to BS8620, we would recommend sourcing one that does.  

What has changed? -  BS8620 V Pas 250 

Pas 250 was replaced by BS8620, so when purchasing new equipment, it is recommended to purchase to this standard. During the transition there were dimensional changes to edge protection and enhanced testing. As an overview the standard of BS8620 has tests on dimensional requirements, strength, rigidity and resistance to sliding and deflection.  

Do I need to make immediate changes? 

If you still have podiums in use that are certified to Pas 250 there is no immediate need to change products to the BS8620 standard. Pas 250 is still considered a safe product, but when purchasing new podium steps, PASMA recommends buying BS8620 as the safety requirements have been improved.  

Further Information  

For more information when working at height or if you have any queries, please contact our expert team. You can call us on 01204 590 232 or send us an email.   

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