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With the rising cost of gas and electricity, as well as the overall cost of living, we are all looking for ways to save money in the long run. One way to save money is to install an energy efficient loft hatch and ensure insulation is installed throughout the space to prevent draughts from entering your home and stop heat escaping through your loft space.

How important is the loft in energy efficiency?  

An insulated loft space is especially important when it comes to energy efficiency. It is no secret that heat rises, and therefore shouldn't be surprising that the roof of an non insulated home loses 25% of its heat. To prevent this heat loss, insulate your loft, attic, or flat roof and fit an insulated loft hatch, the first outlay may be high, however it should more than pay for itself over the course of its 40-year lifespan if professionally installed. 

What is a U value and what does it mean?  

The U-value is a measurement that considers a building's thermal conductance as well as heat transfer via convection and radiation.  

In simple terms, the lower the U-value, the more efficient the hatch as less heat is lost is lost through the trapdoor. As a result, there are more energy savings because less energy is needed to keep a consistent desired room temperature.  

 When purchasing a loft ladder with a hatch already attached as a complete unit, the U value should be available, some complete kits are more energy efficient than others.

Top loft hatches with the most efficient U values 

GL250-015-PU Drop Down Loft Door with 150 mm Insulation 

 Loft Hatch Shown Unfitted GL250 Loft Hatch WIth Insulation 

The GL250-015-PU Drop Down Loft Door is a cost-effective alternative to traditional loft access. The door's unobtrusive design, combined with sleek, contemporary styling, makes it an excellent match for modern decors. Maintain a more effective draught seal around the entire accessible opening due to the innovative design of the multi-point catch mechanism, aiding in meeting the air leakage requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations and preventing moist warm air from entering. 

Key Features    

  • Design with a low profile and sleek, modern styling 
  • The door and frame are completely draught-proof. 
  • When the door is closed, the hinge is hidden. 
  • The design allows the door to be removed completely in seconds. 
  • Hinge pivoting to create a large accessible opening 
  • 0.15 is the U value. 

    Premium Insulated Loft Hatch - 535 x 745 mm and 535 x 635 mm 

    Access Panels Hatch WIth Door Open Access Panels Loft Hatch Closed

    If you want that premium expensive look to the finishing touches in yours or clients house or you want a loft hatch that is barely detectable when the loft hatch is closed that the premium insulated loft hatch by Access Panel is the loft hatch for you. Meeting Part L building regulations for insulation and air tightness. These hatches are air tight and draught sealed to 0.17mph and are insulated to 0.35 U Value.  

    The 'Silk System' conceals the panel's keyhole, which is what makes is almost invisible. The missing cap or gaping keyhole is usually what draws the eye to an access panel. You will never have a missing cap with the 'Silk System,' and your panel will blend in imperceptibly with its surroundings.  The panel has a polyester powder-coated white textured finish, which means you can paint the loft hatch any colour you want, creating the illusion of an invisible loft hatch. 

    Key Features: 

    • Non-Fire Rated & Fire Rated Options Available 
    • Insulation to 0.35 U Value 
    • Air Tight & Draft Sealed to 0.17 mph 
    • Conform to Part L Building Regulations 
    • Foil Backing 
    • Powder Coating (Can be painted over) 
    • Sleek design  
    • 'Silk System' conceals the panel's keyhole 

    GL250 Drop Down Loft Door 

    The 'GL250 drop down loft door' allows for modern energy-efficient loft space access, which is also a less expensive option than using a standard loft hatch. The door's minimal design and sleek, modern styling make it ideal for modern interiors. 

    The design of the GL250 door's multi-point catch mechanism allows it to maintain a better draught seal throughout the entire accessible aperture, assisting in compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations' air leakage requirements and preventing the issue of wet, cold air entering. 

    Key Features 

    • Designed with a low profile and sleek, modern styling 
    • The door and frame are completely draught-proof. 
    • When the door is closed, the innovative hinge detail is hidden. 
    • Hinge pivoting to supply the largest accessible opening 
    • Insulation to 0.35 U Value  

    Other things to save heat: 

    Loft Insulation  

    Loft insulation is a barrier that is installed in the roof space to trap heat inside your home. It prevents heat from rising and escaping through the roof, keeping homes warmer during the winter. It also helps to keep your home cool in the summer by keeping warm air out. 

    Loft insulation can be installed between and across the joists, which are the horizontal beams that run along the loft floor. Insulation can also be installed between the rafters, which are the angled beams that hold the roof up. 

    Loft insulation, once installed, will be an effective energy-saving method for over 40 years. 

    Loft boarding 

    Boarding the loft creates another barrier to any heat escaping from the roof, which helps to reduce heat loss. This is especially important because insulation is often installed at the same time as loft boards. When installing loft boarding you should add this over loft insulation being careful not to squash the insulation, loft legs or stilts can assist with this. Reduced heat loss reduces the amount of energy required for heating, resulting in lower utility bills.  

    Further Information  

    If you have any questions when it comes to selecting the right loft ladder or hatch combination to assist with keeping in the heat don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team by emailing or calling us on 01204 590 232.  

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