Galvanised Ladders - What Is Galvanisation?

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What Is Galvanising?

Galvanising is a widely used process that applies a thin layer of zinc to a thicker base of metal which gives it added protection to corrosion. The process involves preparation of the item to be galvanised first, in our case ladders which involves degreasing the metal of oils and dirt, pickling acids are then used to remove mill scale and rust from the steel.

The ladders are then fully immersed in molten zinc. Once the ladder is completely submerged and sat in the bath of zinc at a high temperature, the item is withdrawn at a controlled rate which allows the zinc coating to form a pure and solid layer.

What Are The Benefits of Galvanised Ladders?

Galvanising any material gives a wide range of benefits. The zinc coating that is added to your ladders during the galvanisation process gives added protection to corrosion and rust. This means in the long run spending a little extra on the galvanisation of ladders used outside, for example fixed vertical ladders, could be a wise choice. Metals that have galvanised coatings have a life expectancy of up to 50 years giving longevity in outdoor or zone one environments.

The one thing to bear in mind is that although galvanising does offer strength, non-corrosive properties and longevity regular inspections of galvanised ladders is still a must. Whilst galvanising ladders offers enhanced protection towards rust, this doesn’t mean that galvanised products cannot rust. White rust can form on galvanised products, which appears over longer periods of time as a white chalky substance that can be treated.

Should I Purchase Galvanised Ladders?

Galvanised ladders are ideal for several situations and environments and when deciding if a galvanised ladder is the best choice, you should consider where the ladder is being used. Generally, if you’re using your ladder in a zone one environment that is exposed to hazardous chemicals or even if the ladder is stored or used outside on a regular basis galvanised ladders should be a consideration.

What Ladders Are Available With a Galvanised Finish?

Krause Vertical Ladders

The Krause vertical ladders are manufactured in steel and have a galvanised finish for added protection. They are available in a number of configurations and can be purchased with ladder only or with hoops giving access to either a hatch or roof area. The Krause fixed ladders are provided in set lengths, and should they need to be cut to size after the galvanising process these will need to be resealed. From heights between 1.96 & 9.24m.

Fort Access Easy Slope

The Fort Access Easy Slope has been designed with the intention to be used outdoors. This easy slope platform has been galvanised to give added protection and prevent rust. With platform heights up to 1.38 m, wide treads and a unique grip lift mechanism the easy slope will last the test of time when moving larger loads.

Zarges Manhole Ladders

When working within shaft systems including water treatment plants, manholes and sewage systems equipment can be exposed to several chemicals. The Zarges Manhole Ladders are galvanised for added protection to the exposure of these harsh elements, The Zarges manhole ladders range from 1.96 to 4.48m and can be adapted to suit your project.

Further Information

In summary galvanising helps protect your ladders against harsh chemicals and environments, the added protection also allows them to withstand harsh weather conditions meaning they are ideal to use in outdoor spaces. If you are unsure if a galvanised ladder Is the best solution for you don’t hesitate to contact our expert team via our contact form or by calling us on 01204 590 232.

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