Can You Lean A Ladder On Guttering?

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We are asked a range of questions from our customers on a day to day basis. One of the most asked questions is; Is it safe to rest my ladders against guttering? This blog post will answer this question and give you some additional safety tips when working around guttering. 

Is it safe to rest my ladders on guttering?

The quick answer is no, leaning your ladder against a gutter is not safe. We've saved you at least five minutes of reading time there, of course, read on should you want to know why not and how you can work safely when guttering is present. 

Why shouldn't I rest my ladders on guttering?

There are many reasons why it's a bad idea to lean your ladders against a gutter. The main reason is because guttering is not very strong and when you add the pressure of your ladder and the user it's likley to be unable to take the stain. 

Whenever you are working at height you should ensure to lean it against a strong resting point that is stable enough to support it. 

How to safely work on guttering  

If you have to use an extension ladder close to or around the guttering of a building a ladder stand off will allow you to work around it without adding pressure to it's structure. This is because a stand off allows you to work further away from the wall at a better angle. 

What is a stand-off?

A ladder stand-off is a valuable positioning tool for an extension ladder. It is an accessory added onto an extension ladder with a wide arm and rubber pads to help grip the surface of a building increasing the footprint of the ladder. 

To offer you a better working angle, the stand-off will allow you to be placed further away from the wall and also helps to spread the ladder's weight evenly.

Why should you use a ladder stand-off?

A ladder stand-off keeps your ladder away from gutters, overhangs and gives you a much better angle for the job in hand. It allows you to have the ladder leaning against a sloping roof without applying too much pressure and damaging any roof slats or guttering. 

A V type ladder stand-off is designed for working on or around corners of buildings as well as working on street poles and lighting due to it's unique shape.

Microlite Stand-Off On Roof V Shaped Ladder Stand Off

How to attach a ladder stand-off

Attaching your stand off depends on stand off you are using and with this in mind it's important to check out the manufacturer instructions. There may also be Youtube videos published by the manufacturers to show you the best technique.

Most ladder stand offs are universal, however some only work with specific models. Please be sure to research this before purchase and be confident your stand off will work with the extension ladder you own. 

How to use a stand-off ladder safely

We recommend attaching your ladder stand-off no lower than the third rung down from the top of your extension ladder, unless the manufacturers guide states otherwise. It should also lean steadily against the wall whilst in use, if this is not the case other alternatives should be looked at to minimise risk on uneven surfaces.

Further Information

For further information on our stand-offs or if you have any questions regarding safe working at height don't hesitate to contact our expert team on 01204 590 232.


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