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What is a podium step and when should you use one?  

A podium step is typically an enclosed platform for working at height at low levels for longer durations. Due to high guardrails, large platforms and with platform heights of around 2 meters they are a safer alternative to ladders depending on the job at hand.  

Podiums provide a secure working environment with convenient access to and from the unit. Working from a ladder requires three points of touch at all times, which may limit a user's ability to complete a task safely. Many Podiums provide a variety of platform heights, making it much easier to complete tasks at the proper working height while remaining secure, such as painting, plastering, cabling, pipework, and alarm installations, among many other trades. 

Are podiums safe? 

Podiums, like ladders, undergo testing to be able to comply with the standard regulation specification, which guarantees that the units are well-built and can withstand the test of time while remaining secure for the user.   

In short, podiums are a very safe option for low-level work at a height, as long as you buy one that is designed to the current specifications. The current regulations for low-level podiums are BS8620 which surpassed PAS 250 in recent years.  

All our products on the Ladderstore website are tested to the latest specifications. Buying from Ladderstore ensures you are buying the safest working at height product possible.  

Cases where the podium step are the best choice  

The key features of the podium stage are its excellent stability and the caged podium, which, as previously mentioned, provides an extra level of security for users working at height. Because of these characteristics, the podium stage is a faster, simpler, and more stable alternative to the conventional step ladder. For elevations greater than a few metres, scaffold towers are a much safer alternative to both podium steps and ladders.  

The podium stage excels at providing safer working conditions at a low height for both indoor and outdoor work. Many occupations enable users to switch between a variety of resources on a regular basis. Many tools often necessitate two-handed operation for safety reasons and could involve extended reach, which could cause a traditional stepladder to tip over.  

In heavy-duty applications, podium steps outperform step ladders due to their superior weight requirements. Accessing control panels, window fittings, and roof-edge guttering are examples of such applications.  

How often should a podium step be inspected? 

To ensure working at height safety, all equipment should be kept in good working order, and podium steps are no exception. Podium steps, such as mobile towers, should be tested before and after each use to ensure that the equipment is in good working order and that no damage has occurred that would jeopardise the user's safety.  

What is PASMA training?  

PASMA are an organisation committed to the highest standards of practice and operate the industry standards training scheme. If you are working work towers or podiums PASMA offers a range of training schemes to ensure you and your team are working to best practices and the best safety requirements. This includes both mobile towers and low-level podiums.  

Who needs PASMA training? 

For those who will only be operating from mobile towers and will not be installing, removing, adapting, or moving them, a PASMA training course is advisable.  

Anyone employed to be working at height is required by the Work at Height Regulations to be competent in the use of the appropriate equipment and to be able to demonstrate their competence. 

Where can you get PASMA training? 

The nationally recognised PASMA training syllabus for competency in mobile towers and podiums is delivered by PASMA registered and accredited training centres. Click here to find your nearest Training Centre.

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