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Ladderstore prides itself on being the specialists at working at height, which allows us to have one of the most extensive ranges of attic ladders online. If you are looking for an attic ladder with a hatch a telescopic attic ladderor folding attic stairs, we have you covered. If our full range of attic ladders is rather daunting. Then take a look over our top 12 best sellers. If you are still feeling unsure, then why not give one of our experts a ring?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Purchase An Attic Ladder Vs Other Means Of Access?

Attic ladders offer several benefits in comparison to other means of access, they feature a simple and safe design that makes accessing your attic more efficient and convenient. Attic ladders are strong durable and robust, they are specifically designed for the purpose of accessing your loft space and provide much greater safety and stability which reduces your chance of an accident occurring.

Does An Attic Ladder Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Having an attic ladder in your home is great for several reasons and on its own might not increase the value of your home, however, if you are able to secure the attic floor and install a loft ladder for easy access this adds more storage space to your home and in turn, can increase the value of your home by up to 10% on the property market.

Attic Ladder Safety

Ladder safety is a crucial factor to consider when using any form of a ladder, taking the correct procedures, and following some simple rules can drastically reduce your chance of an accident occurring and attic ladders are no exception to this rule. When using an attic ladder ensure you; check the ladder for any visible signs of damage before use, keep three points of contact at all times, don’t carry anything too heavy on the ladder, do not overreach and keep people and pets away from the ladder when in operation.

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