Loft Ladder Spares & Parts

Youngman Eco S Line Extension Piece

Ladderstore offers a large range of spare parts for all of the major loft ladders available. Like any product, things wear out over time. But do you know which parts are replaceable? We thought we'd ask all the major manufacturers what's available when it comes to giving a loft ladder a bit of TLC.

Midmade Spares

Midmade offers a large range of timber loft ladders including the Folding Timber Loft Ladder and Deluxe Fire Certified models. Built to Scandinavian standards of quality and durability, these folding timber loft ladders offer safe, easy loft access ideal for frequent use and where appearance is important.

We spoke to Ellen at Midmade, and she suggested that the locks in the older units are the most likely part to need replacing due to wear and tear. We currently stock the lock and catch for the old and new style. Also, the opening handles often get misplaced, so the 800mm opening handle and longer 1050mm opening handle are available as replacements.

Ellen also mentioned that the gas pistons on the older discontinued Midmade LUX models may also need replacing over time.

Werner / Youngman Spares

The Werner range of loft ladders includes spring-assisted aluminium models and deluxe timber blue seal loft ladder kits, available in 2 and 3 sections. Before continuing to read it is worth noting that all loft ladders branded Youngman have now been rebranded to Werner, more information can be found here.

Over time, the feet and hinge guides on loft ladders may need replacing due to wear and tear. Also, the locking/twist catches on the loft doors can also require replacement after a long period of time due to the long-term opening and closing of the hatch. The fitting guides included with every loft ladder have all the parts listed so contact us with your part requirement and we'll get it for you.

Youngman loft ladders include the Eco S Line Timber loft ladder, Easiway 3 Section loft ladder, Spacemaker 2 Section and Deluxe Aluminium loft ladder.

Youngman / Werner about the replaceable loft ladder parts available for their range. The Eco S Line may need a replacement twist catch for the loft hatch door after long-term use. This is available on its own or as part of a complete fixing bag for any other parts which may need replacing. The boomerang hinges which connect the ladder to the hatch can sometimes need replacing due to wear and tear, as can the butterfly hinges which are on side of the ladder. The side arms, springs and hooks which prevent the ladder from falling are also replaceable.

The Easiway loft ladder parts are also fully replaceable. Replacement twist catches, handrail spacers and bolt assembly packs are available.

The Deluxe loft ladder is guaranteed for 10 years therefore you shouldn't expect anything to need replacing for a long time. However, on rare occasions when you do, spare twist catches and pivot hinges are available.

Alternatively, if you just need a brand new loft ladder, we have a full range of loft ladders available, including specialist Italian Dimes and Superior models.