Why do I need a Roof/Cat Ladder?

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roof ladder also known as a cat ladder is for when you need to complete work on your roof safely. A roof ladder is distinct in that it has two hooks attached to the end. The hooks allow it to attach to a roof's peak, securing the ladder and making it easy and safe to move me up and down the roof while providing a base from which to balance and complete work.

Roof Ladders & Extension Ladders

A roof/cat ladder is not a standalone ladder, you will need an extension ladder to climb up onto the roof.

A tip here is to use roof ladder link clamps to clamp the extension ladder to the roof ladder, making them more secure and less likely to slide apart when transferring from one to the other.

The cat ladder has wheels that allow you to push it up the slanted roof without dislodging or damaging the roof tiles or slates. When the wheels reach the top of the roof ridge, simply flip the ladder over, and the hooks will securely lodge on the roof ridge.

"If you are using a ladder to get access to the roof, always make sure it is set up correctly and long enough - at least 3 rungs above the gutter and when the roof ladder is in place clamp the two ladders together using roof ladder link clamps."

Turn any Ladder into a Roof Ladder

Using a universal roof hook kit, you can convert any ladder into a roof ladder. The roof hook attaches to the top of any single section or extension ladder, transforming it into a cat ladder. This usually only takes a few seconds to complete. Using a roof hook kit for home projects is usually the most cost-effective way of using a roof ladder for at-home roof maintenance.

Dedicated Roof Ladders

Alternatively, you can purchase a dedicated roof ladder, which typically comes in single or double-section configurations with the roof hook already attached. To select the appropriate size, consider the overall length of the ladder and ensure that it is long enough to reach from the eaves to the roof ridge. 
Folding roof ladders are gaining popularity as an alternative to sectional roofing ladders, which require bolting sections together to achieve the desired roof ladder length.

Roof Ladder Certification

There are no roofing ladder classifications but most roof ladders should meet the EN131 standard. If you purchase a roof hook kit, the ladder to which you attach the roof hook must be classified and must meet BS EN131 standards. If you intend to use them at work, we recommend an EN131 professional standard ladder.

Inspecting Your Roof Ladder

If you use roof ladders as part of your job or trade, you should think about how to use them safely. Check and tag the ladders on a regular basis with Ladder Log Inspection tags, and consider purchasing a roof ladder safety kit, which includes a full-body harness, running line, rope grab, karabiner, and cowstall strop, tensioning straps, ladder tie bolts, and a carrier bag. Alternatively, you can have us inspect them for you. Please contact us for a quote on an inspection.

Roof Ladder Alternatives

It is also worth noting that there are alternatives to using roof ladders for roof access. Roof/cat ladders are used in conjunction with ladder staging systems to create a roof platform for safe roof access. The ladder staging system is BS Edge Protection compliant and will be approved by your H&S Inspector as one of the safest ways to work on a roof.

There are also some specialised products available, such as conservatory roof ladders that allow single-user access to clean or maintain conservatory roofs.

Roof Ladder Question? Ask Us

We have a wealth of experience advising customers on the safest ways to use roof ladders and assisting with specialist roof access solutions at Ladderstore. Ladderstore can solve your roof access problem with existing products, recommend specialist products, tailor existing products, and design bespoke solutions that will get you up and running quickly and in compliance with current working-at-height legislation. Please contact us or call 01204 590 232 for more information.