How To Choose The Right Loft Hatch

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If you've just purchased a brand new loft ladder and it didn't come with a fitted loft hatch door, or maybe you would just like to replace your old, wooden loft hatch door with something a bit smarter and better insulated, why not try a Drop Down Loft Access Hatch.

If you are lucky, you will already have a hole in the ceiling that is the right size for accessing your loft. If not, there are plenty of loft hatch enlargement guides available online.


Dropdown loft access hatches now come in a variety of different types, be it extra insulated loft hatches with additional polyurethane to make it just that bit cosier and now a Made to Measure loft hatch which can be made to any size with a variety of finishing styles. All comply to Part L Building Regulation and can be fitted by any competent DIY'er.


The standard range of drop-down loft access hatches all features a spring-loaded loft hatch catch and a three-point closing mechanism along with a unique hinge system which means the door can either be opened normally for quick access or completely removed when you need a bit more space to get bulky items into your loft.

Old fashioned loft hatches sometimes just sit loosely in your loft which means you can lose quite a bit of heat into your loft or experience a draught. Moist air can also make its way into the loft causing damage to the roof structure and anything stored in the loft. The plastic drop-down loft access hatches solve that problem with PVC seals to keep all the heat in and the draughts out.

Out of the box, the drop-down loft access hatches are unobtrusive to look at and will blend into any ceiling for a nice finish. If however, you would like to match your loft access hatch to your décor, the loft access hatch can be painted.

The drop-down loft access hatches are available in the most common loft opening size of 562 x 726 mm.


The Made to Measure Loft Access Hatch is made to the same high standards as the drop-down loft access hatch range but with the benefit that you can have it any size you want.

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