Youngman Lines Removed From The United Kingdom Market

Youngman Lines Removed From The United Kingdom Market


In 2014 it was announced that Werner Access Products UK Holding Lrd had reached an agreement to purchase all shares of the Youngman Group. This agreement meant that Werner Co could continue to grow and develop on their strong market share in the ladders and access industry.  

The Werner Co. Chairman, William T Allen stated that “The Youngman and BoSS brands are well recognized tower and trade access product brands in the United Kingdom and fit well with Werner’s existing UK ladder business.  We’re confident that the deal will benefit the industry by allowing us to offer a single integrated portfolio that combines our complementary strengths “ 

After nearly 8 years of development and growth, the time has come for Youngman and Werner to officially merge and reduce their product range offerings, more information on these changes can be found below.  

What Is Changing?  

As of last month, we were made aware that all Youngman products are being withdrawn from the UK market. All Youngman products will either be:  

  1. Rebranded Youngman – Nothing will change other than the label 
  2. Discontinued & replaced with a similar Werner product 

Which Products Are Changing?  


For full clarity, we’ve created an exhaustive list of products below that have been rebranded from Youngman to Werner. The products that are listed below have had no changes to any of the dimensions, if you have purchased one of these products in the past, both items will be identical, the only changes are the label now states Werner instead of Youngman.  

  • Youngman Megastep  
  • Youngman Odd Job 
  • Youngman Odd Job 600 x 600  
  • Youngman Pro Ladder & Deck System 
  • Youngman Eco S Line Loft Ladder 
  • Youngman Spacemaker Aluminium Loft Ladder 
  • Youngman Easiway Aluminium Loft Ladder 
  • Youngman Deluxe Aluminium Loft Ladder 
  • Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladders 
  • Youngman Trade 200 Single Section Ladders 
  • Youngman Telescopic Ladders 
  • Youngman S200 Fibreglass Extension Ladders 
  • Youngman Minimax 

All products above are now listed on our website as a Werner product. There has been no changes to any of the dimensions of these products.  


There are also a number of Youngman Items that have been discontinued and are no longer available on the market. These items have a Werner alternative however the dimensions of the products may be slightly different. Please check these items before purchasing. If in doubt please contact our team. Below you will again find an exhaustive list of discontinued products from Youngman with the Werner alternative.  

If replacing Youngman equipment with the above please double check the specifications to ensure they are similar to what you currently have. The above products may have gone through slight feature and dimensional changes.  

Further Information 

Should you require any further information about these changes please don’t hesitate to contact our team. If any of the above alternatives are not suitable, we may be able to source another alternative. You can contact us on 01204 590 232 or use our website contact form.