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LFI is a family-run business that has been in operation for four generations and is based in the United Kingdom. They have been producing access equipment and ladders for over 70 years, and the founder, Trevor Lane, started the business from his shed for local builders in the area. LFI was founded as a result of increased demand, and they are now known for manufacturing all of their industrial products with safety in mind.

Loadstep Vehicle Access Ladders and Triple Extension Ladders are two of their most popular products. In addition, they manufacture pole ladders, roof ladders, combination ladders, and surveyor ladders. LFI also has a large selection of ladder accessories. They have a variety of ladders, but their main product groups to help customers choose the right ladder are LFI Tuff, LFI Pro, or LFI Home.

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LFI is a gold supporter of the No Falls Foundation, the first UK-based charity dedicated to the safety of working at heights. This charity works to prevent falls from great heights and to assist people who have been affected by life-changing falls.

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