Why You Should Be Using a PAS 250 Podium Step

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PLEASE NOTE: This article is now outdated. The PAS 250 Standard has been replaced by BS8620. For more information on this new standard for podium steps you can find our guide elsewhere on our blog. To shop relevant products to the certification you can check out our range.

PASMA created the Not on Your Life campaign in 2014 to spread awareness of the dangers of non-compliant mobile and scaffolding towers. This year they are pushing the PAS250 classification.

What is PAS250?

PAS stands for 'Public Available Specification' which is a sponsored fast-track standard driven by the needs of the client organizations and developed according to guidelines set out by BSI. It contains design requirements which are expected to become full British standard this year. The PAS250 specifications is sponsored by PASMA and developed in collaboration with the British Standards Institution with input from other organisations including HSE, HAE and UKCG.

PAS 250 Provides Safety & Performance Criteria

The reason for the creation of PAS250 is that it introduces the minimum safety and performance criteria for low-level work platforms. The original designs for low-level working platforms were developed without any formal standard. As there were no specific design criteria when these platforms were being developed some products were inherently unsafe and open to misuse and abuse. Although some podiums may have been fitted with anti-surf devices, this isn’t enough. Other safety issues that need to be addressed include

  • Strength and stability requirements
  • Material specifications
  • Better design requirements for the working platform
  • Side Protection
  • Access
  • Mobility
  • Labels
  • User Guides

PAS250 & Ladderstore

If you are on the lookout for a safe low-level work platform we can help you. Ladderstore has a great range of access and safety equipment available to you when working at height, including the Lyte HiPOD 1200 PAS250 Podium Steps and the Value PAS250 Podium Steps. 

The Value Podium Steps

These aluminium construction steps are made to high specifications and conform to all current regulations whilst offering exceptional value for money. Fitted with standard stabilisers for PAS250 compliance. The Value Podium Steps is a safer alternative to builder steps. It maintains the required guardrail height of 1m above the platform at both platform heights. It’s easy to operate and transport as it folds flat. 

It is vital that all equipment being used is safe for use and complies with all relevant specifications. If you are in need of any safety equipment or advice, our working at height experts can help. Contact our knowledgeable team or call 01204 590 232.

With Thanks to PASMA Article “Dangerous Towers? – “Not On Your Life” and “PASMA pushes PAS 250” for some of the content information.