Most Dangerous Industries in The United Kingdom

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When we leave home for work in the morning, we expect to return home safely, however, this is not always the case. In 2012, One hundred and forty-eight Brits were killed at work, excluding deaths that occur through work-related illnesses.

It is always important to avoid risks whenever possible and to abide by health and safety regulations put in place, to avoid injury and in some cases death. In 2012 it was reported that 78,222 people suffered serious injuries at work in addition to 175,000 injuries which required more than seven days off work recovering. Continue reading to find out the most dangerous job in the UK. 

In fourth place are the Recycling and Waste industry. This industry only accounts for 0.6% of the UK workforce and it contributes to 7% of overall deaths at work. There are many dangers in recycling and waste, with approximately 228 million tonnes of waste every year in England alone. Hazards and risks are likely to occur in landfill sites and the use of heavy machinery by workers can also cause injury.

If you’re interested in finding out more about health and safety in the waste and recycling industry at the BSI Group Website.   

If you are a Roofer, Scaffolder or Steeplejack congratulations, (Kind of) you take the third spot. It may be argued that you should be placed at number one, as 25% of all deaths at work are from these three industries, however, as 10% of the UK workforce is made up from roofers, scaffolders and steeplejacks and the majority

of you are working safely at height, this reduces the average fatality rate. Falls from height are the main cause of death in these industries. If you are unsure about how to ensure your safety at height take a look at our safety equipment and accessories by or call our expert team on 01204 590 232.

Coming in second place is the construction industry. Just 5% of the UK workforce works in construction but they contribute for a staggering 22% of all deaths at work. If you work in construction then I'm sure you are aware of the vast amount of dangers that can occur, however, if you don't you may be surprised at the dangers exposed to construction workers. This includes; moving heavy loads, tools, machinery, crush injuries, exposure to dangerous chemicals and falls from height. A further list of hazards and dangers can be found at the OSHA Website.

In first place is......... (Drumroll Please) Agriculture.  In the United Kingdom, only 1% of the workforce works in agriculture and they contribute to 20% of all deaths at work. There are a number of hazards that agricultural workers are exposed to, some of these hazards include vehicles, heat-related illnesses (which can be deadly),  falls from ladders as well as many others which can again be found at the OSHA Website.

It was reported by the Bureau of Labour Statistics that between 2007-2011, 167 agricultural worker deaths were due to falls from ladders. These falls may have been prevented by complying with the working at height regulations (2005) and by using safety equipment and accessories available at our website.  

If at any time you are feeling unsure about your safety when working at height or if you have any queries,  please do not hesitate to contact our expert team, call 01204 590 232 or E-mail