Reasons Why You Should Own a Combination Ladder

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If you have multiple jobs to do the combination ladder may be the perfect solution. There is no need to go out and buy a step ladder, double & triple extension ladder for all the jobs you need to complete. A combination ladder can be used in multiple ways, some can be transformed into two ladders and some can even be used in six, yes six different ways.

In this blog post, we will tell you some of the key benefits of purchasing a combination ladder and help you decide which could be best for you. 

Save Money – Buying a combination ladder means that you only need to purchase one ladder for all your jobs instead of buying them individually. For example, the Zarges Skymaster 3 Part Trade Ladder is probably the only ladder you will ever need. It can be used as a free-standing ladder, a trestle step, a single, double or triple extension ladder or even a stairway ladder, which moves us on nicely to the next benefit.

Can Be Used On Multiple Levels – Painting a high stairwell can prove difficult at times, however, many combination ladders make it easy and most importantly safe. You must have seen people trying to paint their stairway, hanging over their banisters, stretching out attempting not to plunge to their deaths somewhere online. With the combination ladder, you don’t need to risk your life. Another great product for using on uneven ground is the Hailo Trade Combination Ladder, This is because of the Adjustable stabiliser that is fitted which makes the ladder sturdy and safe for use of unstable ground. A simple kick of the foot is all it takes to enable the balance pedal and you’re ready to go. Shop our full range of combination ladders that can be used on stairs.

Requires Less Storage Space – As mentioned previously you would only require storage space for one ladder instead of multiple ladders which saves storage space. Also, most combination ladders fold down making them easy to store and transport. The Hymer Telescopic Multi Purpose Ladder With Folding Stabilisers can be folded down and can fit in a car boot. As far as combination ladders go the multi-purpose can only be used as a stepladder or an extension ladder but it is perfect for light trade and DIY.

Adjustable Working HeightsSome combination ladders have adjustable working heights. This allows you to gain access to many different levels, again by using just one ladder.

There is a wide selection of combination ladders available and dependent on a few aspects such as working height and usage, there may be many options for you to choose from, however,  If you are having trouble deciding which combination ladder is best for you don’t hesitate to call out expert team on 01204 590 232 or Contact Us Here. 




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