Choosing Your Electric Loft Ladder

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Electric loft ladders are motorised and can be operated with a simple switch of a button on the wall-mounted switch or via the remote control. The electric loft ladder comes in two varieties, semi-automatic and fully functional. A semi-automatic loft ladder such as the Stira Electric Timber Loft Ladder opens the hatch and allows you to pull down the ladder from the hatch, however, a fully functional electric loft ladder such as the The NEW Skylark Foldaway Loft Ladders are fully electronic which means that with the switch of a button your hatch will open and your ladder will come down and be ready to use with no manual work required.    

Varieties & Materials 

All three varieties of our electric loft ladders are luxury quality,  stylish and are made of the best materials. You can choose from either Timber or Die-Cast Aluminium. The Stira Electric Loft Ladder is made from southern yellow pine which is timber sourced from managed forests in North America. (It is the same material that is used in the construction of Timber framed homes) The fully electric Skylark Electric Loft Ladder is made from Beech Hardwood with an optional beautiful lacquered finish and the SAF-E Deluxe Electric Concertina Loft Ladder is made from strong die-cast aluminium and is super heavy duty.

The material you choose is entirely your decision, timber ladders are usually heavier than aluminium but since you won’t need to manually operate your electric loft ladder, the weight probably doesn’t matter once they have been installed. Timber ladders are seen to be more aesthetically pleasing but the Concertina from Modena, Italy is just as easy on the eye!  

Safety Sensors

Safety is always our number one priority and with the electric loft ladders, there is no exception. If you have children or pets around the home there is no need to worry about their safety when the loft ladder is in use. All three loft ladders have safety sensors, if something is pulling on the trapdoor or if an obstacle is in the way the electric ladder loft will perform an emergency stop.

Installation & Power Cuts

All of our electrical loft ladders are insulated and draft sealed to keep out those unwanted drafts. If you have a loss of electrical power then with the battery backup pack on the Stira and Skylark ladders you can still use your electrical loft ladder. The Concertina loft ladder does not have a battery backup but can still be manually operated in the event of a power cut, so don't worry nobody will get stuck in the loft!

Guaranteed Fit & Further Help

For an overview of the products in this article please see the table below and if you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact our expert team for further help and advice, you can drop us an e-mail by clicking here or give us a call on 01204 590 232.

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