9 Examples Why You Should Buy Working At Height Equipment Rather Than Hire

9 Examples Why You Should Buy Working At Height Equipment Rather Than Hire

BUY vs HIRE - it's something that we've never really discussed, but here at Ladderstore we would like to tell you why Buying your ladder and working at height equipment is better not just because it can be cheaper, but it can also provide other benefits too.

To highlight why it's better to buy your ladder equipment, we've picked out several different types of users, what equipment they typically use and why it is better to buy.

Jim the Maintenance Contractor

As a maintenance contractor, Jim's jobs can range from changing light bulbs to putting up new signage. Jobs are constant so he will typically be using ladders and working at height equipment on a daily basis. One product Jim might use is the Zarges Skymaster combination ladder. Typical hire charges for this product are around £25 a week. Jim can purchase and own a suitable Zarges Skymaster combination ladder for £300, with a 5-year warranty.

Sarah the Electrician

As an electrician, Sarah is never without her low level Hop Up. Tasks range from burglar alarm wiring to longer jobs like full house rewires which can typically take around a week. Average hire prices for a GRP Hop Up are about £15 a week. Sarah can own one for £125, without the worry of one being unavailable in the hire shop or further charges when she moves onto her next job if hiring.

Mick the Builder

Builders use lots of different ladders, but Mick typically uses a Podium Step to for first fix work on site. Hire charges are around £50 a week, but Mick can have his own BS8620 compliant step with a working height of 2.75 metres for only £425. If you consider how long a building job can take, buying rather than hiring can offer massive long-term savings.

Clive the Roofer

Fixing roofs, soffits and guttering is a daily occurrence for Clive and his team of roofers. Typically, hiring a BoSS Tower has been the norm. But at around £60 a week, and with jobs varying massively in length, it may be cheaper for him to buy one outright at £1036. Especially with a lifetime warranty and Youngman's Kitemarked BoSS Repair Service.

So, Do you Hire or Do you Buy?

It all comes down to how long you are going to be using the working at height equipment for. Typically, it's going to be longer than a week, especially if you are using it as part of your trade. So, in that case, you should definitely be buying. £50 a week for a Podium Step simply doesn't offer savings if you are using the step on more than one job, you can buy one for £425. That's just over 2 months of use for the same price of owning one forever!

Even the more expensive equipment like Youngman BoSS Towers offers only 17 weeks of use at the same price as owning one forever (around £1036). Typical usage for a tower system is 38 weeks a year. That would be £2660 to hire!

Still Not Convinced? Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about Buying

What if I lose or damage the equipment? If you lose, damage or it requires cleaning when hiring, then typically you will have to pay for the replacement product or buy extra insurance to cover the risk. Buying a product still means a replacement part might need to be bought, but you don't have to pay extra hire insurance if it gets dirty or scratched. It's your equipment. You treat it as you see fit.

What are my options regarding payment? The full price is a lot to pay upfront. Hiring is cheaper in the very short term, but Ladderstore will give you a 5% discount off the retail price if you pay upfront (just quote BUYDONTHIRE at checkout or over the phone).

I've never used the equipment before. Can you provide training? We can provide Working at Height Training at very competitive rates or we can demonstrate most products on-site for free. You don't have to hire a product first to see whether it is suitable for your job.

I don't have a vehicle big enough to collect the ladder. How do I get it? Ladderstore offers nationwide delivery with next-day delivery available on most products.

If you would like to know more about any of our products, would like to see how much you can save when compared to hiring or would just like to chat with an expert, call our customer service team on 01204 590 232 or drop us an email.

*All prices stated are average list prices taken from several hire outlets and are correct at the time of writing. Last Updated November 2023.