The Basics Of How To Take Care of a Ladder


Following on from our last blog post about using a ladder safely, we wanted to continue this series and look into taking care of a ladder and the basics of how you should store your ladder in various scenarios. We also have an infographic towards the bottom of this post that you can save to your phone or computer to refer to at a later date. 

Travelling on a vehicle

Best practice for securing a ladder to the roof of your vehicle is to secure your ladder down on a roof rack with clamps This is not only the best way to reduce any wear and tear from the movement of the ladder on the roof rack. Clamps also provide good security against theft. If fitted properly clamps will ensure that the ladder is not going to fall off your vehicle, unlike rope or bungee cord. 

Lastly, if the ladder overhangs off of your vehicle be sure to attach a brightly coloured marker such as a red or orange flag to make sure that the end of the ladder is clearly seen by other road users. 

Avoid storing in heat or damp

When storing a ladder long term always ensure that the ladder is protected against all weather conditions.

  • Keep wooden ladders in a well-ventilated location, away from dampness and excessive heat.
  • Do not expose fibreglass ladders to excessive temperatures (above 93°C or 200°F).
  • Do not use a ladder which has been exposed to significant heat or fire.

    Store horizontally

    When you are wanting to store your ladder in a hanging position, always hang them from a horizontal position on a rack or wall mount. To prevent sagging ensure the ladder is supported every 2 meters. 

     Painting guidelines

    • Never re-paint a wooden ladder to hide any rot or cracking as this is extremely dangerous for a user. Instead, the ladder should be destroyed and replaced if showing damage. 
    • Wooden ladders can be preserved with a clear sealer or wood preservative. 

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