Youngman BoSS Tower - AGR vs 3T. What's the Difference?

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When working at height you must ensure that you have planned the work in hand, this includes selecting the most suitable equipment for the job as well as considering fall prevention. Ladders may be ideal for low risk and short duration tasks but when working at height for longer duration a tower is one way to prevent a fall. Boss Towers come in both 3T and AGR, this article breaks down the differences.

With our latest product additions; The Youngman Boss Ladderspan AGR and The Boss Ladderspan 3T this blog post outlines the main differences between 3T (Through the Trap) and AGR (Advanced Guardrail System) Towers.

3T Towers

3T stands for ‘Through The Trap Door’ and this is how the tower is assembled. This method of assembling a tower means that the operator will use the trap door located on the platform to add or remove any guard rails above. By using the 3T system it protects the operator from standing on an unprotected platform.

AGR Towers

AGR stands for ‘Advanced Guardrails’ and it is through the use of guardrails in which an AGR tower is erected. There are two principle types of AGR system, Integral and Additional. With the integral principle, the AGR system forms part of the tower structure and it remains in the same position until the tower is dismantled. The additional system is an extra component to the tower which is used to deploy or recover a guardrail component. It may or may not remain in place once the tower is completed and therefore may or may not form part of the final tower’s structure.

Which Tower Method is Safer?

The 3T and AGR Tower methods are used for fall protection when assembling towers. Both methods are recommended by PASMA and the HSE to reduce falls. These systems are as safe as each other to use and when selecting either the 3T or AGR Tower it is just a matter of personal preference. When using either of these methods make sure the person in charge is competent to do the work in hand and they know what they are doing. If you are unsure, you need to get PASMA Trained.

Don’t Forget: A tower should be inspected on its first use and every 7 days. An easy way to inspect your Boss Tower is with the Boss Tower Inspection Recording System.

If you need any further information regarding working at height, selecting the right equipment or relevant training, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team. Email us or give us a call on 01204 590 232.

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