Zig Zag Ladder for Changos Burrito Bar

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LaddAccess to a mezzanine floor is not always as simple as a standard loft ladder, especially for a business. We recently provided a heavy-duty ladder solution to Changos Burrito Bar who was struggling to provide safe access for their staff.

"The Zig-Zag Heavy Duty Concertina Loft Ladder is so much safer and tidier than the way we used to access the mezzanine area by combination ladder. The concertina loft ladder is easy to use and provides a comfortable angle. Not too steep, just right" said Roger from Changos.

The Zig Zag Concertina Loft Ladder is manufactured to EN14975 (DN4570) from die-cast aluminium with two heavy-duty counter-balanced springs incorporated into pivot brackets. With a huge maximum load of 200 kg per tread and a maximum ladder load of 500 kg/m2, it is recommended for commercial storage areas, plant rooms and industrial environments.

"Overall I am very pleased with it & now the staff in-store are used to climbing up and down the ladder, everybody is happy and it works very well."

If you would like to find out more about our range of Commercial Loft Ladders or would like to discuss your requirements, call Richard on 01204 590 232 or email us.

Concertina Ladder In Use At Chango Burrito Bar

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