Zarges Skymaster 'A Good Find' for Bespoke Clock Makers

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Smith of Derby, leaders in clock making & maintaining for over 150 years, recently purchased some Zarges Skymaster Ladders from Ladderstore to assist with the access to clocks on towers and buildings.

"A difficult part of my job has been to find ladders suitable to our business as for us they can’t be a last resort due to the fact that in order to remain cost-effective scaffolds, hoists etc would price us out of business," said Michelle, H&S Executive at Smith of Derby.

"Ladders are used to access pillar style and building clocks and therefore must have the advantage that they can fit in a van but also extend quite high to cover the vast majority of our site requirements."

"We have to access all kinds of clocks in all manner of situations and often the point of contact for the ladders is decorative. It's a struggle to stop the feet from marking the structure" said Mike, Engineer at Smith of Derby.

"I've used the Skymaster today and the wheels on the end of the extension became the first point of contact keeping the ladder feet off the decorative part and leaving little trace after use. Great! 

The 3 Part Zarges Skymaster Ladder (Industrial) is six ladders in one! It can be used free-standing as shown, as a trestle step, single, double or triple extension ladder, or even a stairway ladder. A multiple combination ladder with many safety features including wall wheels and an extra locking brace bar which is what makes the difference between this Industrial version and the Trade version for this range of Skymaster ladders. Easily one of the best selling combination ladders ever. This is probably the only ladder you will ever need.

"So far I've used it once as an extending step ladder and found it sturdy and sure footed. 

"There is a bar that bolts the two sections together in combi mode and this connects and stores away with handy spring loaded clips which adds to the feeling of security.

"One thing to note is that despite its multiple uses it still feels as light as most triple 8s. Carrying for short distances isn't a problem.

"It fits inside the new transit custom nicely and so far has been a good find."

If you would like to find out more about our range of Combination Ladders or would like to discuss your requirements, call Jacky on 01204 590 232 or email us.


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