Which Is The Best Little Giant Combination Ladder?

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Little Giant Ladders give you the ability to carry out a whole host of jobs, but with such an extensive range of very similar-looking combination ladders, it can be a minefield trying to figure out which is the correct one for you. To aid your decision, we have put together this handy blog post to help you decide.

You will find a simplified comparison table located towards the bottom of our blog post to give you the key difference including the material, sizes and features. Little Giant are possibly one of the most innovative ladder brands, meaning they are constantly changing design for the better, which unfortunately means some ranges do become discontinued. More on this below. 

Why A Little Giant Ladder?   

If you are reading this blog post then you have most likely settled on the Little Giant as your chosen brand, but if you still in need of some convincing then here is why Little Giant is an excellent choice for your combination ladder needs.  

Little Giant has been operating for over 47 years and is mostly known for its strong and versatile multipurpose ladders. They are also in our opinion one of the most innovative companies in the ladder industry and continue to develop product ranges to help improve the safety of their customers.  

As Little Giant are innovative brand they have also discontinued and replaced a number of ranges in recent years which you’ll also find out information below.  

 Little Giant Changes – Discontinued Ranges 

In the below list you will find a number of discontinued products and their new developed alternatives, you’ll also find the reason for the changes just below each variation. The first item you see will be the discontinued product with the next product being the recommended transition. 

Little Giant Velocity > Little Giant Velocity Series 2.0  

Changes: The Velocity series 2.0 now has flared back legs to add stability, which is also compliant to EN131-4:2020. The 2.0 version of this model is slightly lighter and has a stronger chassis and overall build.  

Little Giant Leveler & Little Giant Revolution > Little Giant Conquest All Terrain 

Changes: The Leveler and Revolution ranges were very similar in appearance however the leveler had a feature to allow safe working on uneven ground. Both these models have been replaced by the Little Giant Conquest which has side mounted, independent stabilising bars which is perfect for uneven surfaces. Again, with the rebuild of the Conquest they’ve introduced a stronger chassis and reduced the overall ladder weight. The stabilising features now also comply to EN131-4:2020. 

Little Giant Xtreme > Little Giant Conquest All-Terrain Pro 

Changes: As the name suggests the Little Giant Xtreme was one of the higher end Little Giant Ladders which was preferred by the trade and industrial customers we have. This has now been replaced with the Conquest All-Terrain Pro model, this has side mounted stabiliser bars as the standard version does, but also is fitted with outriggers and safety rails.  

Little Giant Stadium Step & Little Giant Safety Cage > Little Giant Safety Cage

Changes: The Stadium Step & Safety Cage has been redeveloped to again add stabilising features for a safer overall user experience. Side mounted legs and been added to the back legs of this podium step to allow work on uneven ground. The 2.0 model replaces both the safety cage and the stadium step and offers better stability.  

Little Giant Select Step > Little Giant King Kombo 

Changes: The Select Step allowed the user to adjust the heights of their ladder with a simple sliding motion, this has since been replaced by the King Kombo (One of our favourites due to its simplicity) The King Kombo is a 3 In 1 Combination ladder with a rotating wall pad and angled feet for comfort, it can easily be flipped into an extension ladder with the two locks and can also be used as a step and leaning ladder.  

Little Giant Safety Step > Little Giant Jumbo Step 

Changes: The differences between these two products are minimal however, the changes are solely focused on safety. The Jumbo Step has a wider staircase step with wide comfortable treads and comes with wider feet and an integrated tool tray. The best design change allows the handle to be lowered meaning the user can use this step in both directions, for example off a vehicle for low level loading. The Jumbo Step is also compliant to EN14183.  

Little Giant Comparison Chart

Little Giant Ladder Comparison Chart

What is the difference between Aerospace Aluminium, Military Aluminium and GRP Fibreglass? 

Aerospace Aluminium: This is a very high-grade aluminium with a T5 hardness typically used in basic aerospace and other marines/ transport applications.  

Military Aluminium: A T6 grade aluminium that allows it to be formed into more complex shapes, is harder and has a lighter profile. Usually used in aeroplane wings and can withstand high impact.  

Both types of aluminium are of high strength and versatility and are generally lighter weight than other materials.  

GRP Fibreglass: is composed out of fibreglass and a mixture of either polyester, vinyl or epoxy as the polymer. GPR is typically used is producing gliders, boats, bathtubs, pipes.  

One main feature of fibreglass ladders is they are non-conductive which makes them ideal for work around electricity. 


What is the difference between a rock lock and rapid locks? 

The Rapid Locks: work by twisting the lock and is an advancement on the common pull tab design on many of the competitor's ladders. For demo view the link and skip to 1min 20sec This locking mechanism is available on the Velocity Series 2.0 and both models of the Conquest.  

The Rock Locks: these work by clicking open the mechanism and closing it again when the ladder is in the position required, they are simple to operate and can be found on the Revolution and Xtreme. 

Steel Hinge: The steel hinge is present on the King Kombo and allows the user to simply flip the step into an extension ladder with minimal ease.  

The difference between a dual pin and a quad lock? 

The locking mechanisms on the Little Giant Ladders are impressive and have been tested vigorously, in fact in over 15 years they have never had a reported hinge failure. The only difference between the quad lock and dual pin is the number of pins securing the hinge. However, both are extremely safe. 

Home and Professional Use – What to choose? 

When choosing a Little Giant Ladder each model is suitable for both professional and domestic use. There are model enhancements such as the Conquest Pro to consider for more industrial applications that come with outriggers and stabilisers for uneven ground. If purchasing for home use we would recommend checking the weight to ensure you are able to easily operate the ladders.  

Further Information & Other Options

If you have any questions or feedback regarding our Little Giant Ladders offering, Still not sure this is the right product for your application? There are plenty of other brands available from Werner and Zarges, you can find their ranges on our combination ladders homepage. If you need any further help or advice don't hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling 01204 590 232 or using our online contact form.


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