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A common myth that often resurfaces for time to time is that the use of step ladders in businesses has been banned. The truth is that step ladders are still a practical and safe product to use for simple, short duration tasks by competent and trained users. We supply a wide range of step ladders to several high-profile retail customers. This blog post breaks down our most popular ranges to help you with your purchasing decisions.

Step Ladders In Retail - Top 5 Comparisons

#1 – Lyte ESP Platform Stepladder With Double Handrails 

The Lyte ESP Platform Stepladder is the most popular range on our website with our retail customers. Often ordered in bulk to new stores and for updating current stock that has failed inspections. The Lyte ESP is manufactured in the UK and has a platform height range between 0.58 to 2.57 m. With double handrails and 80mm treads users can be confident when climbing. The Lyte ESP also has a unique strengthening beam incorporated into the treads rubber feet to prevent twists and snapping. Handrail options on this product are also user preference, you can have single, double or no handrails depending on the application. Another reason our retail customers love the ESP range is there are also spare feet available that can be retrofitted, extending the life of the product whilst continuing to be safe. 

#2 – Werner Blue Seal Platform Stepladder 

The Werner Blue Seal comes in at number two in our list of most popular step ladders for retail. The Werner blue seal has two handrails that is integrated into the design of the product with two handles at the top for assured safety when climbing. Once the user reaches the platform a handy tool tray is present which can be used to prevent the user having to climb up and down the steps for small items. The Werner Blue Seal reaches heights from 0.58 to 1.48 m with a wide tread size of 95 mm, the second largest dimension on this list.  

#3 – Lyte Wide Platform Step Ladder With Handrails

If employees and colleagues are working at lower heights, there are few better products than the Lyte Wide Platform Step Ladder. This step ladder starts at heights of just 0.38 m and consists of a safety chain at this height making it perfect for longer duration tasks. As this is a wide platform step ladder it does take a little more space however the comfort and safety elements make this product a must have if space allows. The Lyte Wide Step has a rib on the underside of the tread which provides additional strength. The platform size of 600 x 400 is the biggest platform size offered in this list. 

#4 – Zarges Scana S Aluminum Step Ladder 

As well as being popular in retail spaces, the Zarges Scana S is highly popular in clean manufacturing environments due to its anodised properties, anodising the steps does not only give a more aesthetically pleasing look but gives extra resistance to wear and corrosion, it also makes them cleaner to touch which can be advantageous when working within a retail space. From four treads onwards the Scana S can be fitted with single or double handrails dependent on your preference and how you are using the step. The Scana S starts at 0.59m and reaches a platform height upto 1.7m.  

#5 - Hailo XXL Wide Tread Platform Stepladder 

The Hailo XXL has only just made a comeback on our website and has already hit the top five in our list of the most popular step ladders for retail. The main feature that retailers love is the very wide tread size of 130mm, which is more of a step rather than a tread for ultimate comfort and safety. The only downside of this is the Hailo XXL doesn’t have handrail options, however due to the enhanced tread size users typically feel more comfortable climbing without handrails present. As with the Werner Blue Seal, the Hailo XXL also holds a tool tray for bits and pieces that may be required when working at height.  

Training & Tagging Your Ladders 

If you are using your ladders in a retail environment or otherwise, it is important that the equipment you are using is inspected regularly. An inspection should occur every 3, 6 or 12 months depending on the frequency of use. Every ladder user and inspector should be competent, one way to ensure all workers are competent when working at height or inspecting equipment is by becoming Ladder Assocation accredited. We can train at our training center in Bolton, come to site and train your delegates or complete the inspections for you, supplying a full report of our findings.  

When an inspection is carried out we recommend documenting the ladder with an ID number and completing relevant paperwork. Once a ladder has passed an inspection a visual check should be on the ladder which shows the last inspection date with the results and the inspectors name. One way to complete this work is with our Ladder Log Inspection system.  

Product Commonalities & Summary 

When it comes to choosing a step ladder for your retail store you can see similarities in all five of our bestselling ladders. They mostly have handrail options to give users on the shop floor added security and the size of the tread is larger than some of the others on the market, again to offer added security, comfort, and protection to the user. Whenever purchasing for business use, a step ladder should always be certified to EN131 Professional.  

If you are looking for products to use whilst shocking shelves or for use in warehouses our most popular range in this category is the Klime-ezee KE Range. With several colour and customisable options, these steps are made to order and made to your specific requirements. We have a wide range of warehouse steps available suited to a number of environments. If you are looking for further information or would like to discuss the best steps for your store or application don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. We can be contacted on 01204 590 232 or through the contact form on our website.

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