How Can I Customise My Warehouse Step

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If you're considering buying a warehouse step for your business or expanding your existing range, you've come to the right place! In this blog post, we'll be discussing the various types of warehouse steps available and why you might prefer one over another. We'll also be delving into the ways you can customize your warehouse steps to suit your requirements.

Whether you're looking to enhance workplace safety, increase efficiency, or comply with regulations, keep reading to learn more about how customized warehouse steps can benefit your business.

If you’re purchasing a warehouse step from our website you will find they are all made to order to your specific requirements. Whilst all our warehouse steps give you set achievable heights, there are a number of ways you can customise the steps depending on your environment. This guide breaks down the customisation options on the Klime-ezee Warehouse Steps.

Colour Options: Customised Warehouse Steps

The first and least impressive way you can customise your warehouse step is by simply choosing the colour. If you are purchasing a warehouse step from any of our main suppliers, Klime-ezee, Redhill or Fort Access, you will find you can select from a wide range of base colours at no extra cost. This allows your brand colours to shine, even with your steps! We can also source additional RAL colours if this is required.

Should you need further customisations this is something we can help with. If you’re looking to add more treads to a platform to increase the size or if you’re using a warehouse step for accessing a vehicle or platform we can make customisations to ensure you are staying safe when working at height. Customisations can be made to the tread sizes, platform size, platform entrance, platform exit and legs. These are available on the majority of our Klime-ezee ranges.

Tread Options: Customised Warehouse Steps

As standard the treads on our Klime-ezee warehouse steps are hole punched steel, this gives the user enough comfort whilst the ridges giving the user additional comfort. You can also change the tread type on your warehouse steps by replacing the standard tread with non-slip PVC or rubber treads. All three of these options give you a safe and secure platform and it’s typically just personal preference, it is however worth noting that rubber tread options are not available on steps with extra wide (700mm) treads, such as the Heavy Duty Access Platforms and Truck Docks. 

Platform Extensions: Customised Warehouse Steps

A platform extension increases the size of the platform, giving the user a larger working area once they have reached the top of the step. Tread extensions are available in one, two and three tread options which means the platform size can be increased by 600mm, perfect for longer durations tasks or activities such as box handling. There are again safety restrictions on the number of tread extensions available on each step, every step allows for a one tread extension upto 15 tread, a two tread extension can be added to steps below 11 tread, and a three tread extension can be added to steps upto 8 tread. 

Platform Exits: Customised Warehouse Steps

Warehouse steps are designed as standard for picking and packing smaller items from high shelving and racking which is the reason why as standard the platform exit has a guardrail and is unable to be stepped through. However, if you are using a warehouse step to step on and off a platform this can be modified with a flush back and exit options. The flushed back enables the warehouse step to be safely placed against a vertical structure without a gap, the flushed exit is only beneficial with a rear exit when you wish to load or unload goods. 

The platform exits include a rear chain, gate or lifting bar. This allows the user to work on the platform with minimal risk of falling whilst still offering the solution of walking onto a platform. Side exits are also a popular modification which again can be a bar, gate or chain option. 

Platform Entrance: Customised Warehouse Steps

The platform entrance can also be customised in the same way that an exit platform can, it gives the same options as above, a chain, bar or gate which can be used as a way to deny unauthorised access to the steps.

Further Information

As you can imagine there are plenty ways you can customise a warehouse step to suit your needs and if you still have questions, don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. Give us a call on 01204 590 232 or contact us via our online form to discuss your options for safe access.


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