"One of the cheapest well-built loft ladders" Says Mr Gibbs"

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The Werner Eco S Line Extra Tall Timber Loft Ladder is already a favorite in the office (a few of us have one at home) but it's always reassuring to hear our customers singing its praises too.

"I ordered a Werner Eco S Line Loft Ladder from Ladderstore after doing a lot of research online and reading a lot of reviews. It’s one of the cheapest ‘well-built’ loft ladders, with solid wood construction and wide rungs making it more of a steep staircase than a ladder! It is much more expensive than some of the cheapest aluminium types, but I feel that it is well worth it, as it feels very solid when extended" said Mr Gibbs.

Loft Ladder Installation

"Packaging was excellent and there was no damage to any parts within.

Installation was pretty straightforward, although I ended up with 2 spare screws no matter how hard I looked for somewhere to put them!

It requires a small amount of pre-assembly, where the ladder itself is attached to the hatch before fitting - I managed to fit it alone through fixing battens underneath where the assembly was to fit, this also allowed me to set the depth of protrusion correctly for when I later fit the plasterboard.

During a normal installation, this would definitely be a two-man job as it probably weighs close to 30kg when fully assembled.

There is a rail that can be fitted to either side of the ladder, and the loft hatch itself is relatively thick for insulation purposes.

The ladder really is very long, if you have high ceilings this is the one for you! I am planning on cutting mine down a lot, but if anything this will make it feel even more solid if it were possible."

About the Werner Eco S Line Loft Ladder

The Eco S Line is one of the best mid-range timber loft ladders on the market. It has plenty of nice touches which give it a quality feel. The solid spruce build (FSC and PEFC certified) gives it a superior feel, the loft hatch has a clean, white finish or if you want to paint, varnish or clad it the hinges are hidden making it easy.

As standard, the Eco S Line will fit floor to ceiling heights up to 2.81 metres, but this ladder is on its own when it comes to fitting high ceilings. With the extension piece provided as an option, they will fit floor to ceiling heights of up to 3.51 metres. With the exception of our heavy-duty alloy and bespoke ladders that make the Eco S Line one of a kind. There certainly isn't another timber ladder that will fit those dimensions.

Happy Customer

"I ordered from Ladderstore on October 19th and later on that afternoon received an email letting me know that they were out of stock of this particular item, but gave me the option to cancel or wait until the 23rd. They also tried to call me several times (which I missed due to the phone being on silent at work) but overall the level of communication was excellent. It was delivered on the day that they said it would be, and so I can recommend Ladderstore as a straightforward supplier with good communication. Thanks very much!"

If you would like to find out more about our range of Loft Ladders or would like to discuss your requirements, call Richard on 01204 590 232 or email us.

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