New Telescopic Ladder Regulations

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The Ladder Association has released new safety regulations for the use of telescopic ladders, this comes as a result of a number of below standard ladders being released into the marketplace. More details on this report can be found on our blog; Testing telescopic ladder safety.

At Ladderstore, safety is at the forefront of everything that we do and so it only seemed right that we discuss these new guidelines and address the most important points.

Always choose quality

It is often tempting to opt for a cheaper alternative especially if you are making multiple purchases. However, where you cut costs when it comes to ladders you usually compromise the safety of its user. Buying from reputable suppliers, it will give you the reassurance that the products they sell will be of the highest quality and will also come with the knowledge and expertise of experienced professionals who are able to advise you on the most suitable ladder for your needs. This assurance gives you peace of mind that the ladders you purchase are unlikely to collapse or put the user in danger in any other way.

At Ladderstore we sell a full range of telescopic ladders from the leading manufacturers; Zarges, Telesteps,and Werner which all meet the European EN 131 certification. EN131-6 is a specific certification which covers telescopic ladders, all telescopic ladders used should adhere to this standard. It governs aspects of construction, performance and the clarity of the attached instructions, ultimately resulting in ladders which are reliably built and easy to use.

Ladders that fail to meet these standards can put their users at significant risk so it is extremely important that you check this before you make your purchase. If the supplier is unable to provide certification then we would never recommend that you buy from them.

Safety First

Telescopic ladders in their very nature have more moving parts than standard stepladders, it is critical therefore that all of the mechanisms are checked thoroughly by a professional before each use. Telescopic ladders are also at risk of being damaged in transportation or storage if they aren’t packed correctly. Again it is vital that all telescopic ladders are checked before each use.

Not all telescopic ladders function in the same way so always ensure that you familiarise yourself and read any instructions provided to make sure that you start off on the right foot and prevent unnecessary accidents.

When opening, extending or closing telescopic ladders,  take care not to do this too quickly as this could damage the mechanisms and compromise the safety of the ladder. 

Set the ladder up at the correct angle and ensure that the feet are correctly braced and that it is stabilized against a solid surface before you step onto it.  It is also important that you do not attempt to lock the mechanisms while it is in use.

Taking care

Telescopic ladders should always be stored in a clean, dry environment away from extreme weather conditions. They should be positioned away from anything thing that may fall onto the ladder or bear any weight as this can damage the mechanisms.

When it comes to cleaning you a telescopic ladder, usually a regular wipe down with a clean, dry cloth is all that is required. Avoid moisture unless your instructions say otherwise as this can have a debilitating effect on the mechanisms.  

Ladderstore offer a great ladder inspection service which we can carry out onsite at your premises so that you have confidence in knowing that your ladders have been checked by experts.


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