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What Is the Report 

The Ladder Association's latest campaign, "Step up to Change," aims to raise awareness about the dangers of low-quality telescopic ladders on the market, which can cause serious injury. The ladder association tested 17 readily available telescopic ladders to the most recent standards during their testing stage, and they were astounded by their findings! 

It is critical to only buy certified ladders because many inexpensive and easily obtained ladders are not fit for purpose! After testing 17 telescopic ladders, the Ladder Association produced an excellent report outlining their findings. If you have 6 minutes, we highly recommend watching The Ladder Association's video of telescopic ladder testing! 

Quote from the Ladder Association 

Let's be clear 

Our recent research and testing of a sample of telescopic ladders (obtained online and in-store) showed that 4 out of 5 of the ladders tested in this specific survey, failed the required safety tests designed to keep users safe. 

Despite these results, we want to be clear in saying there ARE also safe products out there, being sold or stocked by trusted manufacturers and suppliers. 

However, we hope our research, conducted in partnership with Trading Standards, gives consumers an increased awareness around the issue and encourages them to exercise caution when buying telescopic ladders, particularly online.” 

Questions Answered by the Ladder Association.  

Q: Are you calling on consumers to buy new ladders?  

A: It is estimated that over 2 million ladders are in regular use in the UK, so many people will already have a ladder of some kind at home or at work. We do not expect or recommend that every ladder owner purchase a new ladder. However, we recommend that you inspect your current ladder before using it, check the labeling, recall where you purchased the ladder, and conduct additional research now that you are armed with our buying tips. If you're going to buy a new ladder, make sure it meets EN 131 product standards, follow our advice, and buy ladders from Ladder Association members to ensure quality and safety. 

Q: How do consumers know if a ladder is safe or not?  

A: It is a tricky question to answer definitively because there are so many variables to consider, which is exactly the problem we are facing. We wish it were as simple as saying 'look for a certification mark,' but our research shows that ladders are being falsely labelled to intentionally mislead consumers into believing they are safe to use, so that alone does not help identify safe ladders. We have added some buying tips to our report, which go into greater detail about what to look for and consider. Finally, we recommend that consumers purchase their ladders from a Ladder Association member. Members of the Ladder Association provide high-quality products that meet UK and EU safety standards. – it is a condition of their membership that they pledge to do so and only make, sell, or supply compliant products. 

Main Takeaway From The Report 

  • The manufacturers of the 17 telescopic extension ladders selected are unknown. The samples were obtained anonymously from well-known e-commerce sites and high-street retailers. Trading Standards has not released the names of their samples because some of the suppliers may face legal action and they do not want to jeopardise this. 
  • The report's main goal was to raise awareness of unsafe ladders on the market, which should result in increased awareness and surveillance of new products on the market. Also, to raise awareness about the importance of purchasing certified ladders.  
  • Customers are advised to buy ladders from Ladder Association members in addition to looking for EN131-6 certification because some ladders are falsely labelled with these certification marks. 
  • Ladderstore is a Ladder Association member and Managing Director. Gail is the current chairperson of the Ladder Association.  


Please also watch the Ladder Association's 6-minute video on ladder testing and how some ladder certifications are forged. This will give you a better understanding of the testing ladders that EN131 certification requires. 

Full Report & Further Information

Should you need further help or advice you can get in touch with our team on 01204 590232 or email customerservice@ladderstore.com.Our full range of telescopic ladders are certified to EN131 Part 6 for security and longevity of use.


You can also read the full report here. 

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