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January was a busy month for loft ladders and if you are still in the market for a loft ladder we have a huge range for you to choose from. It’s not always easy to select the right loft ladder and it can be confusing with many options to choose from.

If you are on the lookout for a loft ladder, this blog post is a good place to start. Of course, if you are having difficulty selecting a loft ladder because you are unsure what will fit you can Measure Up and browse our range of get in touch with our team for additional help and advice.

Timber Loft Ladders

Timber ladders are more robust and may be more aesthetically pleasing than aluminium ladders and for this reason, they are a very popular choice. The most popular timber loft ladder is the Werner Eco S Line Loft Ladder.

The Werner Eco is very popular because "it is very cost-effective and has a solid construction". Our customers have lots of great things to say about the Eco and they believe this ladder is "excellent quality". If you are looking for a ladder which is cost-effective, great quality and feels "safe and secure to use" the Werner Eco is the choice for you. If you want to read more about this product take a look at the reviews on the product page or have a read of our Customer Case Study from Mr. Gibbs.

Due to the ladders being manufactured in timber, these ladders can be "quite heavy". If you are looking for a ladder for infrequent use or a lighter ladder an aluminium loft ladder may be the ideal solution. All timber ladders also come with a hatch supplied as a full kit, our range, browse our range of timber loft ladders with a hatch.

Aluminium Loft Ladders

Looking for an easy and lightweight ladder for accessing the loft? Look no further than the Youngman Easiway. If you require a practical solution for infrequent use the Easiway is “Easy to install and very good value, as well as functional” and it only weighs 7kg! As you can see on our product page our customers love this product, it has over 25 five-star reviews!

If you need a stronger loft ladder for daily use take a look at the Werner Deluxe Loft Ladder. It's “Firm, solid, stout, excellent to use” and “Overall very superior to most alternatives”. The deluxe is one of the best sliding Aluminium loft ladders on the market and it comes with handrails on either side as standard for added security making its “users feel safe” especially “when carrying a load”.

Aluminium loft ladders typically come without a hatch however are available in a number of styles including folding, sliding and concertina for ultimate style.

Telescopic Loft Ladders

If you have very little loft floor space and minimal vertical clearance then a telescopic loft ladder is the best option. If you’re looking for a “sturdy, functional and very well made” telescopic then the Werner ranges may be ideal. This product recently helped one of our customers banish his stepladders and gain easy access to the loft. These products comes in 2.6 and 2.9m heights.

Another telescopic loft ladder that we stock with free next-day delivery is the Telesteps 60324. Again the 60324 requires minimal loft space and is easy to install. Our customers are so impressed with this product that it’s been given 23 five-star reviews! This product is "Fantastic, Strong, Sturdy and Easy to put up". If you are not sure about a telescopic loft ladder take a look at our product information, and reviews and be sure to double-check the specifications to ensure it is compatible with your hatch.

Electric Loft Ladders

Many of our customers prefer the electric loft ladder as they are motorised. They fold and unfold at the press of a button. We have several electric loft ladders available on the website including models from Stira and Skylark. Although all of these ladders are electric they all have their differences between them. You can find out about these differences in our blog post Choosing an Electric Loft Ladder.

If you require any more information or help when choosing a loft ladder don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01204 590 232 or drop us an e-mail and our expert team will be in touch.

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